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Welcome to the Continuing Education and Workforce Development catalog of non-credit classes and certificates. We are excited that you are considering taking classes this semester, and have developed a robust schedule of online, on-ground and hybrid classes. Most will meet at specific times as well as incorporate independent course work. This catalog displays a wealth of programming from workers seeking professional advancement or a career change, to people who just want to explore a new hobby.

NCC offers Workforce Development classes and industry certifications in fields including business, health care, early childhood education, public safety, and real estate, and information technology. We also offer classes that serve as a bridge from non-credit to credit-bearing college degree or certificate programs. There is truly something for everyone. I hope you will take a moment to explore our catalog and share it with a friend. You will be glad you did.

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A Deep Dive into BlockChains, BitCoins and other Cryptocurrencies

The government is printing money like never before and as a result, inflation may spike and the value of the dollars in your bank account may plummet! There is another … Continue reading “A Deep Dive into BlockChains, BitCoins and other Cryptocurrencies”

Ages 11-15 Babysitting Training and First Aid

Learn childcare techniques; safety, diapering, feeding & First Aid emergency procedures. Students will be certified in both babysitting and First Aid upon successful completion of the course. Textbooks included.

Architecture of the World

The critical influence of social, religious, historical, and technological forces on the characteristic features of architecture are stressed by studying the various architectural styles. Course covers architectural milestones from ancient … Continue reading “Architecture of the World”

Art Appreciation

Students are introduced to the concepts and principles of art including line, shape, form, color and space. They study selected works and complete basic exercises in a variety of art … Continue reading “Art Appreciation”


This course expands on everything taught in AutoCAD I and examines all aspects of a small Cape Cod house design from conception to all phases of a working drawing set … Continue reading “AutoCAD II”

AWS Academy Cloud Foundations

Companies are increasingly shifting from on-premises computing to cloud computing. They do this for a variety of reasons including lower costs (usage-based billing), greater flexibility (easily modify storage and servers), … Continue reading “AWS Academy Cloud Foundations”

Basic Drawing

In this class students will methods and techniques that make drawing accessible and easy.  Using pencil and charcoal, students will primarily learn by working from direct observation. Individual sessions will … Continue reading “Basic Drawing”

Bookkeeping Practices

Accounting is the language of business, and bookkeeping plays an essential role in the operation of every successful business. In this course, students learn the accounting concepts and practices that … Continue reading “Bookkeeping Practices”

Brand YOU! How to Refresh, Revamp and Rebrand Your Career

Are you looking for a true change in your career as so many seem to be doing these days? Feeling a bit lost and/or overwhelmed by all the information out … Continue reading “Brand YOU! How to Refresh, Revamp and Rebrand Your Career”

C.N.A. Clinical

Certified Nurses Aide students must register for one of the clinicals listed below when registering for C.N.A. The fee is included in the cost of the C.N.A. class.  Students will … Continue reading “C.N.A. Clinical”

Certified Nurse Aide

This 6-week accelerated 108-hour course, prepares students to work in long-term-care-nursing facilities, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and home care. The course includes 36 hours of classroom instruction, combined with 72 … Continue reading “Certified Nurse Aide”

Clinical Veterinary Assisting

Students will spend a total of 30 daytime hours (5-6 hour days) in an animal hospital or clinic and train to become veterinary assistants. Students will be supervised by technicians … Continue reading “Clinical Veterinary Assisting”

Combination Safe Boating & Personal Watercraft Safety Certification

A complete basic safe boating certification course taught in one (eight hour) day. Successful completion will allow the student to obtain a Connecticut Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation, which enables … Continue reading “Combination Safe Boating & Personal Watercraft Safety Certification”

Connecticut Childcare Course

The purpose of the American Red Cross Connecticut Child Care Course is to prepare individuals who work with children to prevent injuries, give immediate care to a suddenly ill or … Continue reading “Connecticut Childcare Course”

Conversational Italian I

This course for beginners is designed for the practical use of the language in a variety of everyday situations. The conversation and reading text will help the student to discover … Continue reading “Conversational Italian I”

Conversational Italian II

This course is designed for students who have taken Conversational Italian I or who have an elementary knowledge of Italian. They will review the basics of Italian grammar and be … Continue reading “Conversational Italian II”

Conversational Spanish I

This course is designed for those who want a basic working grammar in Spanish in order to be able to use it in conversation. Special emphasis is placed on pronunciation … Continue reading “Conversational Spanish I”

Decentralized Finance (DeFI) Investment Strategies

The world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is exploding! The pioneers of the cryptocurrency world have basically created a new Wall Street and banking system online, where investors are routinely making … Continue reading “Decentralized Finance (DeFI) Investment Strategies”

Essential Techniques for Jewelry Making

Come learn the ancient art of wire wrapping and basic beading techniques that open the door for creating intricate and beautiful jewelry designs! This course focuses on creating a strong … Continue reading “Essential Techniques for Jewelry Making”

Estate Planning

This session gives a basic introduction to estate planning and includes discussion of wills, trusts, federal and state estate taxes, as well as estate planning in both the probate and … Continue reading “Estate Planning”

Fundamentals of Investing

This course is essential for anyone who wants to learn about different investment asset classes and how they can work for you. You will learn the language of investing as … Continue reading “Fundamentals of Investing”

Grades 2-5 Gross Science

Get ready to learn the science behind all GROSS THINGS! Are you interested in smelly, gooey, icky and creepy things? If so, this is the program for you! Did you … Continue reading “Grades 2-5 Gross Science”

Grades 2-5 Jedi Engineering Strikes Back Using LEGO® Materials

This is the way! Get ready to embark on your LEGO® journey as we defend the Wookies on Kashyyyk, repair the Rebel shield generator on Hoth, and rescue Baby Yoda … Continue reading “Grades 2-5 Jedi Engineering Strikes Back Using LEGO® Materials”

Grades 2-5 Stem Exploration w LEGO

Power up your engineering skills with Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as: tow trucks, … Continue reading “Grades 2-5 Stem Exploration w LEGO”

Grades 3-5 Math Meets Art!

Math meets Art in this new class which is part crafts, part games, and all FUN, as we explore the math that can be found in art. Inspired by the … Continue reading “Grades 3-5 Math Meets Art!”

Grades 6-8 Baking 101: Breads, Quick Breads and Pie Dough

A hands-on exploration of baked items where we learn to understand “making it rise” and “flakey” and other methods to achieve the proper ultimate texture.  We will make dinner breads, … Continue reading “Grades 6-8 Baking 101: Breads, Quick Breads and Pie Dough”

Grades 6-8 Breakfast and Brunch

Much more than just scrambled eggs! We will explore a variety of eggs and egg uses such as omelets, fried eggs, quiche, pancakes, French toasts, hash browns,  and of course, … Continue reading “Grades 6-8 Breakfast and Brunch”

Grades 6-8 Build and Program Your Own Robot

Students will build and program their very own robot that thinks for itself!  In this hands-on course, students will learn about computer programming, DC motor theory, Bluetooth technology, smartphone apps … Continue reading “Grades 6-8 Build and Program Your Own Robot”

Grades 6-8 Create Video Games

Do you love playing games? Can’t live without your Xbox360, PS, Wii, DS, PSP or PC? Have you ever thought, “I could probably imagine an incredible game!” In this class, … Continue reading “Grades 6-8 Create Video Games”

Grades 6-8 Entrepreneurship for Kids

This course provides young students with an exciting opportunity to learn all about starting their own business. Students will learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship that will enable them to convert … Continue reading “Grades 6-8 Entrepreneurship for Kids”

Grades 9-12 Cooking Basics and Methodology

Learn a creative and fun way to cook, not by recipes but by understanding cooking techniques and methodology.  Learn the intricacies of seasoning, flavoring, and marinades. Learn the cooking methods … Continue reading “Grades 9-12 Cooking Basics and Methodology”

Grades 9-12 International Cooking   

Around the world in cooking! Each day we will take on an ethnicity that represents the traditions of the host region – Mediterranean, Asian and Latin cuisines. These are mouthwatering … Continue reading “Grades 9-12 International Cooking   “

Grades 9-12 Media Minds

Media Minds is a unique and fun two-week summer program for high school students interested in understanding how media functions and how to function within the media. With a focus … Continue reading “Grades 9-12 Media Minds”

Grades 9-12 Money Experience for High School Students: How Money Works

It’s never too soon to start planning for your financial future! This week-long financial literacy course will provide high school students with the necessary tools to make sound financial decisions … Continue reading “Grades 9-12 Money Experience for High School Students: How Money Works”

Grades 9-12 The Business of Sports: Emerging Technologies in Sports, Analytics, E-Sports

Looking to get a leg up on learning and have fun doing it? NCC has partnered with the Sports Business Institute on two new week-long programs that will offer students … Continue reading “Grades 9-12 The Business of Sports: Emerging Technologies in Sports, Analytics, E-Sports”

Grades 9-12 The Business of Sports: Sports Communications, Public Relations and Marketing

Looking to get a leg up on learning and have fun doing it? NCC has partnered with the Sports Business Institute on two new week-long programs that will offer students … Continue reading “Grades 9-12 The Business of Sports: Sports Communications, Public Relations and Marketing”

History of Photography

A survey of the history and development of photography from the beginning to the present. Major trends, styles, and photographers are covered. The course will also include political, social and … Continue reading “History of Photography”

How to Start and Run a Successful (Part-time) Online Business

We start by looking at and analyzing, small successful online businesses.  We learn what factors are critical for success.  We will review online advertising tools and online business platforms (Shapeways, … Continue reading “How to Start and Run a Successful (Part-time) Online Business”

Intro to AutoCAD I

This is an introductory course for people that have no experience in Computer Aided Drawing, and is of particular interest to Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Cabinet Makers, Landscape, and Interior Designers.  … Continue reading “Intro to AutoCAD I”

Introduction to Philosophy

This course is an introduction to the basic themes of philosophy. It explores the nature of man, the universe in which we live, knowledge, language, the divine existence, and values. … Continue reading “Introduction to Philosophy”

Introduction to Programming

This course covers the fundamentals of programming and program development techniques. Topics include data types, functions, storage class, selection, repetition, pointers, arrays, and file processing. Programming laboratory projects in a … Continue reading “Introduction to Programming”

Introduction to Wellness

This course is intended to explore general physiological concepts as they apply to physical fitness, nutrition, stress, and overall wellness throughout life. All students will be afforded an opportunity to … Continue reading “Introduction to Wellness”

Learn to Meditate

This class offers a broad range of simple and effective exercises to calm the mind and get in touch with your inner self. This class includes breathing and concentration exercises, … Continue reading “Learn to Meditate”

Managing Retirement Wealth    

Do you have a retirement portfolio organized to meet your specific needs? Or do you have a random collection of investments, accounts and advisers that you’ve acquired over time? In … Continue reading “Managing Retirement Wealth    “

Medical Billing and Reimbursement Specialist Certificate

This three-module certificate will prepare students for a successful career as a Medical Biller in a health care facility.  Upon completion of this certificate program, you will be able to … Continue reading “Medical Billing and Reimbursement Specialist Certificate”

Medical Insurance & Billing

6/13, 6/27 class will meet on campus. The remaining classes are online.

Medical Terminology

This course is a comprehensive study of the technical language of medicine through word construction. The student will learn the anatomic and clinical medical terms, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic … Continue reading “Medical Terminology”

Microsoft Excel

Whether you are developing a household budget, analyzing portfolio returns, or calculating mortgage payments, Microsoft Excel is an indispensable tool for organizing, analyzing, and reporting complex data.  Excel’s powerful analytical … Continue reading “Microsoft Excel”

National Bookkeeping Certification and the Norwalk Community College Certification Program

The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) has established a professional certification, the Certified Bookkeeper (CB) credential, a high professional standard for bookkeepers.  Certified Bookkeepers (CBs) are to bookkeeping what … Continue reading “National Bookkeeping Certification and the Norwalk Community College Certification Program”

Patient Care Technician Certificate

A Patient Care Technician (PCT) provides nursing care to patients in a health care facility under the direction of a registered nurse. A PCT performs duties such as Phlebotomy, EKGs, … Continue reading “Patient Care Technician Certificate”

Piano I

An Introductory piano course, presenting simple note values in double and triple meter, in both F and G clefs. Focuses on the organization of the keyboard. Develops skills in performing … Continue reading “Piano I”

Professional Bartending Certification

This professional Bartending course includes the state and national SMART certification (Servers and Managers Alcohol Responsibility Training) recognized by the Connecticut Department of Liquor Control and police departments. Servers of … Continue reading “Professional Bartending Certification”

Python I

This course will introduce students to the basics of Python. Python is an interpreted, object-oriented high-level programming language, which has recently become a popular tool in industry and academia. Python … Continue reading “Python I”

Python II for Machine Learning

This course will start with a review of the basics of Python programming and object-oriented design. Students will be guided through individual and group projects from machine learning and data … Continue reading “Python II for Machine Learning”

QuickBooks-Pro 2018

Students will learn how to master this powerful and flexible management tool for small business accounting and bookkeeping needs. With QuickBooks, most routine operations can be automated, enabling the manager, … Continue reading “QuickBooks-Pro 2018”

Real Estate Principles & Practices

This introductory course prepares the individual to take the real estate licensing examination and meet the minimum educational requirements set forth by the State Real Estate Commission for the real … Continue reading “Real Estate Principles & Practices”

The Creative Voice

Defining art in its broadest sense to include visual, performance and media arts, as well as literature, music and philosophy, this course encourages students to explore the nature of creative … Continue reading “The Creative Voice”

The Fundamentals of Starting a Small Business

This course is an overview for people who are thinking of starting a small business.  This course will provide the aspiring business owner the tools to launch and develop a … Continue reading “The Fundamentals of Starting a Small Business”

The Joy of Acting

Whether you’ve thought acting might be fun, but never did anything about it, or did some theatre in school but it’s been years since, or are an experienced actor looking … Continue reading “The Joy of Acting”

The Joy of Native Gardening-Summer 2022 Garden Tour and Lecture

Whether your gardening style is formal or relaxed, use native plants to add beauty and bring more life to your garden. Landscapes that feature native species support a higher abundance … Continue reading “The Joy of Native Gardening-Summer 2022 Garden Tour and Lecture”

Two-Dimensional Design

This introductory course focuses on the basic elements and principles of design such as line, texture, space, balance, unity and scale. Students are responsible for purchasing supplies. Class meets on … Continue reading “Two-Dimensional Design”

Veterinary Assistant Certificate

This five-part program will prepare students for a new career in the very exciting area of veterinary health care.  Students are required to have a tetanus shot.  Upon successful completion … Continue reading “Veterinary Assistant Certificate”

Watercolor Painting Workshop

Discover the beautiful medium of watercolor. Basic skills in mixing and applying paint will be introduced. Students will observe demonstrations of painting skies, clouds, trees, water and flowers. Students will … Continue reading “Watercolor Painting Workshop”

Web Design Certificate

The demand for individuals who can design for today’s mobile web is continuing to grow dramatically.  This certificate program will provide students with the tools needed to enter this expanding … Continue reading “Web Design Certificate”

Web Development and Design I

This course provides entry into the fast-moving website development industry. With its heavy hands-on mode of delivery, students will learn HTML 5, Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS 3), and be … Continue reading “Web Development and Design I”

World Religions

Seven of the major religious traditions of the modern world are introduced: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, as well as Chinese and Japanese religious thought. The course explores the history … Continue reading “World Religions”


Designed for students new to yoga or with limited experience who want to work slowly and thoroughly. The sessions will teach you yoga postures to strengthen and increase your flexibility. … Continue reading “Yoga”