Honors Program

Program Overview

The Honors Program (HP) is a competitive admissions program at CT State Norwalk.  The application pre-requisites “Cliff notes” version is found here:

  • All hopeful applicants will complete an application, write a short essay, and interview with the HP Program Coordinator before they will be considered
  • Top 15% of high school graduating class ( and / or );
  • Accuplacer test – minimum of ENG 101 and MAT 136 (and / or);
  • AP English and or Math of 4 or higher (and / or);
  • ACT of 24 or higher
  • This is a cohort-based model and we do admit students into the program that demonstrate the potential to be successful in the program but may not fit into any of the above criteria.  The essay and interview process are significant aspects of the selection of cohort members into the Honors Program.

Core classes outside of the Honors Course work need to be completed at times that are not restricted to required HP Courses.  Honors Courses are not listed on the Class schedule and require that you meet with the HP Coordinator to select your classes to gain admission into them.

Each student is expected to maintain a specific grade point average to remain in the Honors Program. Your graduating G.P.A. is required to be at or above 3.5 to secure the Honors Program diploma.

The program coordinator can be the students’ academic advisor for their duration at the college and will help guide each Honors Program student to the most expeditious route to graduation.

General course sequence by semester:

Year One

  1. Fall semester – Honors Science Seminar Course
  2. Spring Semester – ENG 102 and Social Science Seminar Course

Year Two

  1. Fall semester – Honors IDS 230 – Great Books Course and possible Capstone course
  2. Spring semester – Honors Humanities Seminar Course and Capstone course


How do I find out more about the Honors Program at CT State Norwalk?

The first is step would be to go to the college catalogue found on the college website.  Alternatively, you could go to this article.

Can anyone enroll in the Honors Program at CT State Norwalk?

The Liberal Arts – Honors Program is a selective admissions program, unlike the actual college. If you are not currently a student at CT State Norwalk, you have to apply to both the college for admission and the Honors Program for consideration for admission.  If not selected into the Honors Program at enrollment, you can attempt at another time.  If you are starting your second semester here at the college, contact us sooner rather than later.

I am not in the Honors Program but I want enroll in some of these classes to see if I can do the work. Can I sign up for these classes?

At this point, the answer to that is no.  Honors classes are not viewable in the course selection lists for students to see.  Some classes have allowed non-Honors Students to enter the class, but only after serious consideration.

I am not sure if I want to complete my degree in Engineering or English literature, does it matter what my major is.

No, it does not. In addition, with enough planning you could leave with two degrees if you fulfill all of the requirements.  Let us explain. To complete the Honors program you have to fulfill those requirements while completing a Liberal Arts degree course load. However, what we have done is designed a program where you could being an Art major or an Engineering major is possible and by judicially selecting your classes you could leave CT State Norwalk with a degree in both Honors and that other discipline in two years. Those two years is dependent on coursework and personal life variables.

What is in it for me?  Why do all the extra work?

Only you can answer that but, what we try to do is create a community where extra effort is the norm and not the exception. Above average success in academics, employment and living require your willingness to expend effort.  Learning and demonstrating that regularly within a population of similar-minded individuals, and not just when you want to, are important aspects to being in the Program.  If you are called to that level of effort, then complete an application.

With all of this work, do we have any fun?

The answer to that is, yes! Certainly, you should ask other Honors Students if they have had “fun”. The cohorts meet regularly however, unlike an institution where students live on or near campus; it is difficult to get all members in the same place at the same time. That said, yes – local trips and events at the college are all designed to provide some “fun”.