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Norwalk Community College takes great pride in the diversity of its student body, and the international students who attend the institution contribute heavily to the strong sense of tolerance and understanding that is an integral part of the fabric of the school. Students come from all over the world to attend NCC, and the college has become a mecca in Fairfield County for learning and respectful discussion that cuts across social and cultural divides. Everyone is welcome at NCC, and we feel that we have fostered an environment of mutual respect and acceptance that could well be a model for peace and prosperity in the larger world community. We hear every voice, regardless of the language in which it is spoken.

There are substantial ‘communities’ of students from individual countries within Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas here at the college. Walking through the halls, one can hear the different languages of a vibrant and diverse student body. Students from Connecticut do not need to travel abroad to have their minds broadened by different cultural perspectives; it is all available right here at Norwalk Community College.

Students from abroad are welcomed and nurtured here at the college. Norwalk Community College takes a strong sense of pride in our New England roots of tolerance and equal opportunity, and we can promise every student a warm and embracing environment in which to learn and grow.

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Services available at the college

International students are welcome to attend NCC and may pursue degrees. We will help with admission and registration advising, visa processing and procurement. College, career and personal counseling are also available. The International Students Office can help make the adjustment easier for international students and can help with filling out the required paperwork. Required forms that need to be completed are admissions application, complete high school transcripts with a certified English translation, and letters of residency and an affidavit of support. We will help with visa applications, but you need to bring all the paperwork

Admissions to the College can be for Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. Tuition and fees are based on out-of-state rates.

Information for F1 Visa Applicants

Thank you for your interest in Norwalk Community College! The following are the steps, which have to be completed in order to obtain an I-20 Request Form, a document needed to schedule an F1 (student) visa appointment at the U.S. Embassy in your home country or begin the process of changing your status while in the U.S.

It is recommended that the following forms and documents be submitted to the International Student Center at least 90 days before the beginning of the semester for students who intend to apply for their student visa abroad. For students who are currently in the U.S., a recommended time to submit completed documents to change status is 60 days before the expiration of their current visa/status:

  • I-20 Request Form
  • Affidavit of Free Room and Board There are no housing facilities for students. Therefore, prospective international students must secure a place to live before they apply for an I-20. This form must be notarized. Proof of address must be attached.
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Evidence of applicant’s ability to finance his/her education and means of support while in the United States.

The following are expenses that an F1 student will incur in 5 semesters (2.5 yrs), the duration of NCC’s I-20:

Tuition and fees per semester$6,262$31,310 for 5 semesters; all I-20 applications are based on this amount
Estimated living expenses per semester$3,500Required only if a student lives on his/her own
Est. cost of books per semester$300
Total cost of a two-year degree (5 semesters)$50,310

All expenses listed on the I-20 form are based on the full-time, credit, out-of-state tuition at Norwalk CC. International students are not allowed to work in the U.S. to pay for these expenses.

  • The I-20 Form can only be issued only to students who have presented the necessary financial evidence to the International Student Center.
  • Every international student must be enrolled full-time (twelve (12) or more credits) in both fall and spring semesters. However, international students are not required to register for summer courses (except for new students).
  • In accordance with the USCIS regulations, international students enrolled in credit programs may take no more than the equivalent of three (3) credits per semester of online classes. ESL students are not permitted to take any online or distance education classes.
  • If you have to take ESL courses (as determined by the placement test), you must register for the appropriate level. The non-credit ESL courses are open only to those students who place in the non-credit division on the placement test.
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CHANGING THEIR STATUS ARE ADVISED TO WAIT FOR THEIR F1 STATUS TO BE APPROVED TO BEGIN CLASSES. They may register but are advised to withdraw if the new status in not approved before the beginning of the semester.

Traveling outside the United States

  • If you plan to travel outside the United States after your student status has been approved, you should bring your approved I-20 form and a copy of your unofficial transcript about 30 days before your anticipated departure in order to obtain the necessary travel endorsement.
  • If your student status was approved in the U.S and you do not have the F-1 visa in your passport, you will have to apply for one at the U.S Embassy/Consulate in the country you are traveling to. Make sure to schedule your visa appt. before your trip!

Transferring to NCC

Extension Information

  • Please note that your I-20 is issued for 5 semesters (2.5 years) and has an expiration date. If you need to extend your I-20 beyond its initial period, please visit the office 60 days before the expiration date on your current I-20 to find out how to extend your I-20.
  • NOTE: Extension will not be possible when your I-20 expires and your status will automatically turn into COMPLETED.


Please submit them directly to admission office:
Admissions Office
Room 106 East
Norwalk Community College
188 Richards Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854

Ph. 203.857.7060
Fax: 203.857.3335

  • Application. Please complete NCC Application for Admission and return it to the Business office with the $20 fee. Cash, check or money orders (payable to NCC) as well as credit cards are accepted (no AmEx or Discover).
  • Major. You must select one of the degree-granting programs (majors) listed on the application and on this website.
  • Immunizations. If you were born after December 31, 1956, Connecticut State Law requires that all full-time (degree seeking and non-degree/non-matriculating) and part-time matriculating students enrolled in postsecondary schools be adequately protected against measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (chicken pox). Students must have two (2) doses of each vaccine administered at least one (1) month apart to insure adequate immunization. If you are unable to obtain your vaccination records, it is possible to have the shots done here in the U.S. (a list of places where this can be done is available). You will not be able to register full-time if you do not have the required immunizations so please plan ahead.
  • High School Diploma. You are required to submit proof of high school completion or the GED exam. They should be in English.
  • Placement Test. All new students are required to take the placement test (there are some exceptions). You must first apply for admission to obtain a student ID in order to make an appointment for the test online.

In order to receive an I-20 form, they are required to submit bank account statements showing sufficient funds for the entire period as specified on the I-20 ($30,$370 for tuition only; $49,$370 for tuition and living expenses). All I-20s to study at Norwalk Community College are issued for a two-year Associate degree only (NOT ESL).

If the applicant does not have sufficient funds, he/she may secure a sponsor who will cover all or some expenses. In this case, the Affidavit of Free Room and Board and I-134 Affidavit of Support Form will have to be completed and accompanied by applicable supporting documents including proof of income and financial resources (letter of employment/year-end tax return and 3 latest bank statements showing funds equivalent to 5 semesters of tuition–$30,370). If applying for a change of status in the U.S., all bank documents must be translated to English.

Students already in the U.S. seeking a change of status (without leaving the U.S.) also need to submit the following:

  • Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status (Form I-539)
  • Copy of current visa (and any applicable extension/change of status documents)
  • Copy of the I-94 Departure Record
  • A check or money order for $370.00 payable to: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (USCIS) (NO CASH OR CREDIT!)

I-901 Fee


All new students applying for a student visa are required to pay this fee to support the F, M and J nonimmigrant reporting system (SEVIS). For more details, please refer to the form I-901, Fee Remittance for Certain F, J and M Non-Immigrants. If you do not pay the fee, your application will not be processed or you will not be able to make a visa appt. at the U.S. Embassy.

NOTE: This fee can only be paid AFTER your I-20 form has been issued.