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Admissions @ NCC

The Admissions staff is currently telecommuting during the Covid-19 outbreak but we are here to assist you with all of your Admissions Office needs. For status of your Admissions application, please contact staff below. Please include your student ID number and/or G number (received after applying online), so we may properly assist you.

Curtis Antrum
Interim Director of Admissions and Respiratory Admissions

Robin Morris
Assistant Director of Admissions and Nursing Admissions

Simone Bowen
Project Assistant Enrollment Services

Mathew Baker
Enrollment Specialist

Alice Simmel (she/her)
Enrollment Services Coordinator

This page is the gateway to finding everything you need to know about the admissions process at NCC. We look forward to welcoming you into the NCC family. Just click one of the Quick links below to begin your journey at NCC. We are here to serve your personal objectives and help you achieve your goals.

Virtual Tour

Please enjoy this Virtual Tour of NCC and hear our students share why they are NCCproud!


With a few exceptions, proof of immunizations are required before attending NCC. Learn more about our Immunization requirements.

Application Package

We hope and expect that your college experience will be exciting and rewarding at Norwalk Community College. We are very proud of the education we provide, and we feel that it is offered in a friendly and caring environment. You may have specific questions that can be answered by your professors or by other students in your classes. Additionally, we have included several links that may help you.

Apply Online.  Please see our step by step instructions for the online application and our guide to uploading supplemental items and documents.

It is mandatory that first time college students attend a PAW workshop. You will work with an advisor to choose your classes, based on testing and GPA results.  We strongly recommend that you attend Orientation. Our Orientation program will help familiarize you with the College and the location of your individual classes.

Re-Admit / Returning Students

Whether you have decided to return to finish your studies for an associate degree or certificate, or have decided that you need to refresh your skills in a chosen profession, we are glad to have you back.

If you have not registered for three or more consecutive semesters, excluding summer sessions, you must reapply to the College. There is no longer an application fee. In some cases, students applying to be readmitted to the College may be encouraged to take placement tests or show credits earned at another college.

Reapply Online

Proof of immunization against measles and varicella may be required, depending upon the student’s date of birth.

The catalog in effect at the time of a student’s readmission to the College, or any subsequent and superseding catalog, will govern that student’s academic status and graduation requirements.