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Campus Service Desk

Summer 2023

East Campus
Room E319

Monday – Thursday


Password Resets

For all students, staff, and faculty – If you need to reset your password or have forgotten your NetID, you can use our online password reset tool.

Note: The online tool requires you to have previously configured your security verification methods.

How to Receive IT Support

1. CCC Online Help Desk

This online Help Desk is a 24/7 support site that can assist you with many common issues listed below. It offers live phone and online chat support, in addition to many self-help articles.

  • Assistance with NetIDs
  • NetID Password Resets
    (Students and Faculty may be assisted directly, Staff will be escalated to their local college IT Service Desk)
  • Blackboard Assistance / Guides
  • Installing Office 365
  • Accessing myCommNet
  • Accessing Email
  • Webex Hosting / Joining Guides
  • Wireless Access (Wi-Fi) Instructions
  • Recommended Technology for Online Classes

2. CSCU Services Portal

The CSCU Services Portal (NetID required) is our new consolidated IT ticketing system. All CSCU members (staff, faculty, students) are to use the Services Portal for the following:

  • Issues with Protective Enclave (PE) and related services (banner, secure files, etc)
  • Software/Hardware issues with college-owned electronic equipment (computers, printers, phones, accessories, etc)
  • Requests for college-owned electronic equipment
  • Issues with college-owned services (email, campus internet, etc)
  • Issues with campus audio-visual equipment
  • Classroom or office software requests
  • Issues with campus network

Additionally the Services Portal allows users to view all of your incidents requests and search self-help articles in our CSCU Knowledge Base that may provide the solution to your issue.

About to buy a new computer for classes?

Please review the CSCU Recommended technology page before you buy.