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The Business Office is the administrative office responsible for processing student payments, refunds, payment plans, and other billing transactions.

Reserve Fall and Spring Classes

Students may secure their classes by just paying the registration fee/deposit only.  This deposit will hold your classes, but is not refundable if you drop your classes. For more information, contact the Business Office, room E103 for complete information and deadlines.

Students whose payment is not received the same day of registration may have their course registrations canceled.

Tuition Payment Plan

For Fall and Spring semesters only: Students who enroll for 3 credits or more may request a tuition payment plan.  Please visit the Business Office in room E103 for complete information.

Summer and Winter Sessions: No payment plan is available. Full payment is due the same day of registration.

How to Pay


You can mail payments
(check/money order) to:

Norwalk Community College
188 Richards Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854
Attn:  Business Office

A $25.00 fee will be charge for returned checks.

NCC Tuition is Affordable

An NCC education is an outstanding value.  Annual tuition at NCC is a fraction of the cost at most public and private universities.  By choosing NCC for the first two years of a four-year degree, students can save up to $80,000 on the overall cost of their undergraduate education.

Total Average Cost for Two Year vs. Four Year | Norwalk Community College

Tuition Exemptions

Connecticut War Veterans and Connecticut National Guard Members

Pay fees only (no tuition). Veterans must present Form DD-214 and complete a Tuition Waiver Form in the Records Office prior to registration. National Guard Members must have their certification submitted to the NCC Business Office before registering for classes. Connecticut veterans who have applied for the post-9/11 CH33 GI Bill and have submitted a Certificate of Eligibility to the NCC Records Office (room E102) will pay their course fees and have their tuition reimbursed for eligible fees when NCC receives payment from the Federal Government. Non-resident CH33 veterans will pay tuition and fees and will be reimbursed when NCC receives payment from the Federal Government.

Senior Citizen Waiver


Connecticut Senior Citizens 62 and older pay no tuition fees, with the exception of supplemental and material fees, for General Fund courses on a space available basis to be determined by Senior Registration Day (check date/time online). Proof of age must be shown and a Waiver of Tuition and Fees Form completed in the Business Office to finalize the senior registration process. A senior citizen may register early by paying for the course; however, paying for the course negates the senior waiver for that course. No refund will be issued if the course is dropped, then re-added on senior registration day.

Audit a Course


An administrative transcript notation for students auditing a course. Students not wishing credit may audit a course. This status allows them to participate in class activities without being required to meet the examination requirements of the course. Students may ask to have papers critiqued, but faculty members are not required to grade an auditor’s course work.

Full tuition and fees are charged for courses audited. A student who wishes to change from credit to audit status must request this, using forms available in the Records Office, within the first four weeks of the beginning of the course (29% of the total class meeting time). Students auditing a course may not change to credit status.

Refund Policy

In order to offer a complete program of studies it is necessary for the College to contract and incur certain costs. Even if a student withdraws, college service, student activity and application fees are non-refundable. Submit a completed Tuition Refund form to the Records Office to process a refund.

Refunds vary based on semester. Click a section below to view details related to that semester.

For notice of withdrawal received prior to the first day of the term a refund of 100 percent of tuition (including lab and studio fees) will be granted.  Registration fees are non-refundable.

For notice of withdrawal received on the first day of the term and through the fourteenth calendar day of the full semester a refund of 50 percent of tuition (including lab and studio fees) will be granted.  Registration fees are non-refundable. For shorter parts of term the refund is pro-rated according to the number of weeks of the term.

For a reduction in load which occurs on the first day of the full semester and through the fourteenth calendar day of that semester 50 percent of the difference of the tuition applicable to the original and revised course schedule will be refunded.  The difference in the amount of registration fees is not refunded.  For shorter parts of term the refund is pro-rated according to the number of weeks of the term.

No refund of tuition or fees will be granted for either full or part-time students beyond the 14th calendar day after the first day of the semester or according to the pro-rated term.

For Notice of Withdrawal received prior to the first day of summer or winter session, a refund of 100% of tuition will be granted.

No refund will be granted as of the first day of the session for which you have registered.

Refund Appeal Policy

No appeals will be considered except for the following reasons:

  • Student with severe illness documented with a doctor’s written verification.
  • Documented military orders.
  • Erroneous advisement by the College with documentation.

Please submit your written appeal statement with documentation to the Record’s Office, East Campus, Room E102.

Course Cancellation Policy

For any course that is cancelled by the College, the tuition and fees for that course can be refunded.  A request in writing must be received by the Records Office in order to process the refund.

Student’s Responsibility

To insure that you receive your refund check, you must have your contact information updated. You can change your address online through myCommNet, or you can go to the Record’s Office in person. If your address is incorrect in our system, your refund check will not be received in a timely manner.

Payment Plan Refunds

If you have a payment plan and you reduced the number of enrolled credits or withdrew from your courses, you may still owe a balance. You must contact the Business Office to determine the effect of your changes on your payment plan.

No adjustments will be made to the payment plan schedule after the end of the add/drop period. You are liable for all charges if you withdraw from classes after the 14th calendar day.

Payment plan and late fees are not refundable at any time.

Refund for charge card transactions are processed in the same manner as cash or check transactions.