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Student Handbook 2022-2023

Message from the CEO

Cheryl DeVonish, J.D. - CEO
Cheryl DeVonish, J.D. – CEO

Dear Student,

I am pleased to welcome you to Norwalk Community College.By selecting NCC, you’ve made a wise choice that will impact your future and personal growth.NCC offers endless possibilities for finding direction, pursuing a degree or certificate, or laying the foundation for transfer to a four-year college or university.

This handbook is designed to give you comprehensive information about the College’s resources and opportunities.It is a useful guide to services and policies.

NCC is a great place to be! Our outstanding faculty help make NCC a warm and supportive environment.You will be learning and studying in exceptional facilities including modern laboratories, classrooms, a film and TV studio, a culinary arts complex, and a Makerspace where you can turn your creative ideas into a project or actual product.NCC is a leader in providing workforce experiences and internships as part of the course curriculum.Our Hospital Simulation Unit, Wellness Center, Child Development Laboratory School, and Veterinary Live Animal Lab simulate real-world working environments.You’ll have valuable experience to put on your resume even before graduation.

An important part of your college experience will be making friends and embarking on new experiences.NCC offers an active Student Life.There are more than 30 student clubs and organizations geared to special interests, academic topics, or just having fun!

Whatever your goals and needs, NCC wants to help you overcome any barriers to your success.We’re here to support you every step of the way from Orientation to Graduation.I urge you to take advantage of the College’s extensive student support services for advising, counseling, career development, financial aid, scholarships, and transfer assistance.We even offer on-site childcare, a food pantry, and free bus and train passes.

I hope you will take advantage of these opportunities and use your time at NCC to learn, grow, and succeed.


Cheryl C.De Vonish, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer