Pitney Bowes Foundation Wellness Center

Hours of Operation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pitney Bowes Foundation Wellness Center will remain closed until further notice. This includes physical activity studios and locker rooms.

When deemed safe to reopen, we will post hours of operation and guidelines for social distancing procedures as directed by the State of Connecticut and NCC.

The Pitney Bowes Foundation Wellness Center at NCC is a state-of-the-art fitness facility that is committed to improving the general well being of all patrons. We encourage safe and effective exercise in an effort to improve one’s quality of life.


All first time members must complete a New Member Packet prior to using the Pitney Bowes Foundation Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center is free for all NCC faculty, staff, students, Lifetime Learners, security, cleaning and cafeteria personnel. You must have an affiliation with the college in order to use our facilities. At this time we do not offer community memberships. Registration to use the Wellness Center entails submitting a completed New Member Packet

All first time members must complete a new member packet prior to using the Pitney Bowes Foundation Wellness Center.  This packet is available at the front desk in the Wellness Center and can also be downloaded by clicking on the link below.  The first page of this document requires signing off on our mandatory rules and regulations for facility usage. The second page is a medical form called the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q).  All medical information provided is kept confidential and locked in our front office.  It is asked that this form be honestly and completely filled out on both sides. The PAR-Q must be renewed every three years and qualified professional staff reserve the right to request medical clearance if deemed appropriate.  Those patrons who require medical clearance cannot use the facility until clearance is received and processed.

Use of the Facility

All patrons must present a valid NCC photo identification card upon entry of the facility. These ID cards are available at the Security Desk, located in the East or West Campus Lobby.  You must present the attendant with your ID card each time you enter.

Facility Equipment

Our state of the art facility includes:
  • a semi-separate cardio room with six treadmills
  • three upright cycles
  • two recumbent cycles
  • a total body exerciser
  • four elliptical cross-trainers
  • two Adaptive Motion Trainers
  • a step mill
Our resistance training area features:
  • a complete line of weight stack machines
  • power lifting equipment
  • functional trainers
  • free weights
  • a variety of accessory training equipment

Wellness Services

Recommended for those with little experience using fitness equipment.  A trained staff member will describe the basics on how to use the equipment in the facility.  Proper form and technique and foundations to safe and effective exercise training will also be reviewed.

This service is mandatory for any patron who is age 17 or younger.  Minors cannot use the Wellness Center until the Equipment Orientation is completed by a qualified Wellness Attendant.

Refresh yourself with a shower after a workout or participation in one of our thirteen group exercise classes. (Click on “Physical Activity Classes” in the menu at the left).  Showers and changing areas are available to all registered members. Half and full sized lockers are available for storing your belongings while exercising with us. The use of a lock is strongly recommended.  NCC does not provide towels or locks.


If you wish to store your workout attire overnight, only the small lockers on your way into each locker room may be registered for the year by faculty and staff, for the semester by all other members. Please see our Program Assistant, Jennifer Lipps. You must have a lock with you to register one of these lockers.

Request for service

All health-fitness assessments must be scheduled prior to the date of the service.  There is a Request for Health-Fitness Assessment form that must be completed by all patrons and submitted to the Wellness Attendant desk.  This form is available in the Pitney Bowes Foundation Wellness Center. Health-fitness assessments will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.  Depending on the volume of requests, it may be several weeks before an assessment can be scheduled.

Health-Fitness assessments are currently suspended.
Updates will be posted to this web-page once services resume.