Peer Academic Support Services (PASS)

Peer Academic Support Services

Peer Academic Support Services via Teams

To accompany the new virtual nature of classes, we are excited to be able to offer Content Tutoring,  Embedded Tutoring and Writing Tutoring via Microsoft Teams.

How To Access Teams

If this is your first time using Teams, a few minutes before the session you should:

  1. Download and install Teams (free) on your computer. Also available on the Apple App Store or Google Play for your mobile device. It is recommended that you install the Teams client on your computer, and not just use the browser version. However Chrome, Firefox, or Edge are supported. Safari on macOS is not recommended.
  2. Look at the schedule below and find the session you want to attend.
  3. Click on the link for the time you want to attend to join.
  4. Log on for the session by entering your NetID (Forgot your NetID password?)

PASS - Spring 2020

Number of SI Leaders at NCC


Number of Embedded Tutors


Total Number of Peer Leaders at NCC


Total Number of Classrooms Supported


PASS - Fall 2020

Number of PASS Tutors at NCC


Number of classes with PASS Tutors


Courses with PASS Tutors

BIO 181, CHE 121, EGR 115, HPE 105, HPE 245, MAT 136, MAT 146, MAT 172, MAT 201, PHL 101, PSY 111