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Healthy Workplace Recognition for Wellness Committee
Wellness Committee Workplace Health Achievement
The above photo was taken when the American Heart Association (AHA) delivered our plaque to recognize Norwalk Community College’s Bronze Level recognition for the Workplace Health Achievement Index.  This is the third consecutive year receiving this award. Left to Right: Paul Gallo, Lisa Neff (AHA), David Levinson, Kimberly Bryant Smith and Nicole Mendola.

NCC Walking Club Returns

Let’s get active! NCC Wellness Committee will be bringing back Walking Club starting Tuesday, November 15th, 2022. Walk briskly around campus with us every Tuesday from 10:00-10:30am. Meet outside of the Computer Lab (W150) on West Campus at 10:00am sharp.

Body Breaks a Huge Success!

This spring we ran our “Body Breaks Beyond” video series. It was a 4 week program to get our faculty and staff moving more and sitting less. It is an exercise plan that can be done at your desk or in the comfort of your home. Check out the video here to get started on this 4 part series.

Body Breaks Beyond Testimonials

“I found that participating in the Body Breaks Beyond! program that my muscle tone increased overall, especially in my legs and arms. It also gave me additional energy. In addition, it gave motivation to exercise at least those three times a week.”
– Gregory L. Riley, Sr., Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice.  

See the video series link on the left for more reviews!

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) 2022

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a voluntary survey open to all faculty and staff here at NCC.  This survey is completed electronically with guaranteed anonymity.  The data collected from the HRA assessment provides the Wellness Committee with information to identify and address the specific health and wellness needs of the campus.  For those individuals willing to share their information, the HRA can also act as a method of determining progress made with lifestyle changes and/or exercise prescriptions.

Read the HRA Summary Report 2022

Interest Surveys 2022

Statewide Programs On-Line

Did you know that your health plan offers monthly well-being seminars presented by Wellspark. The topics include the seven chronic condition basics along with related health and well-being topics.

  • Tuning in to your body, Turning up Your Mind*
  • Stress Warning Signals and Intro to the Relaxation Response
  • Developing Stress Hardiness
  • Coronary Artery Disease Basics
  • Asthma Basics
  • Heart Disease (HF/CHF) Basics

Seminars are open to all employees, their spouses, and dependents. Participants can attend as many seminars as they want, please check our Quick links for updates!

Wellness at NCC Podcasts

Our Latest Episode

Mission Statement

The Wellness Committee will provide appropriate health and wellness guidelines and recommendations to assist with positive and well informed lifestyle modifications for the NCC campus and associated individuals, while acting as role models.

Vision Statement

The Norwalk Community College Wellness Committee is committed to improving the health and wellness of the Campus Community by fostering a conducive environment to maximize institutional and individual wellness goals.

Wellness Initiative @ NCC

The purpose of the Wellness Initiative is to provide information for healthy living options needed for lifestyle modification.  This initiative is exclusively offered to our campus community, including faculty/ staff and students.  All of the services offered through the Wellness Initiative are voluntary and intended to provide evidence-based information regarding one’s personal health and wellness status.  The Wellness Initiative will allow for healthy choices in each of  the seven domains of wellness, including physical, social, environmental, intellectual, emotional, occupational and spiritual (non-religious).

Committee Members

First name Last name Position
MaryJo McGonagle Wellness Committee Chair, Instructor, P-TECH
Paul Gallo Wellness Committee Executive Director,
Director of Exercise Science and Wellness
Justin Davis Culinary Arts/Hospitality Assistant
Nicole Mendola Instructor of Exercise Science and Wellness
Maohlicia Carolus Program Director, Med. Office Management
Kimberly Bryant-Smith Wellness Committee Past Chair, Library Associate
John Lupulio IT Technician
Jonathan McMenamin-Balano Professor of Biology
Carmine Ingenito Adjunct Professor Biology, Registered Dietitian
Ilene Boyar Assistant Registrar
Catherine Liegey Veterinary Technology Program Coordinator 
David Sormanti Respiratory Therapy Clinical Coordinator
Sharon Pereira Clinical Education Assistant

Stand More, Sit Less

Wellness Walks

Outdoor Walking Trail!

These walks are intended to last from 15-30 minutes. For more information about the Indoor Wellness Walking Course, please do not hesitate to contact Nicole Mendola at NMendola@norwalk.edu

Please take a look at Wellness Walks Map

All participants will can access the Wellness Walks Calculator below and determine total calories expended by entering body weight and time taken to walk the outdoor course.
Wellness Walks Calculator

Nutritious eating and dining at NCC

The Wellness Committee and BESBE Cafe Services have partnered to offer nutritional information for all prepared foods in the East and West Campus Cafes.  This information will encourage consumers to consider Healthy Food Choices when dining in our facilities.  Consumers will be be informed of serving sizes, total calories per serving, total fat, saturated fat and sodium content for all food items sold.  All nutritional content will be reviewed by dietitians working with the Wellness Committee.

This information is also available in the East and West Campus Cafeterias

Tobacco Free Campus

Norwalk Community College is the second state facility in Connecticut to implement a Tobacco Free Campus, which will officially begin on October 1, 2014.  The Wellness Committee and Norwalk City Health Department are supporters of this policy.
Smoke Cessation Programs

Tobacco-free brochure

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) will be a voluntary survey open to all faculty and staff here at NCC.  This survey will be completed electronically with guaranteed anonymity.  The data collected from this HRA assessment will provide the Wellness Committee with information to identify and address the specific health and wellness needs of the campus.  For those individuals willing to share their information, the HRA can also act as a method of determining progress made with  lifestyle changes and/or exercise prescription.  Here is the Health Risk Assessment Report for 2021

Wellness Series

Every fall and spring semester, the Pitney Bowes Foundation Wellness Center, in collaboration with the Wellness Committee, Exercise Science Student Club and Wellness Club, will offer a monthly wellness series. The Wellness Series will include health screenings, lectures and interactive workshops on a variety of health and wellness topics,  presented by regional professionals, clinicians and practitioners.

Pitney Bowes Foundation Wellness Center

The Pitney Bowes Foundation Wellness Center at NCC is a state-of-the-art fitness facility that is committed to improving the general well being of all patrons.  We encourage safe and effective exercise in an effort to improve one’s quality of life.  The Pitney Bowes Foundation Center also offers a variety of Physical Activity Courses that meet for 10 weeks every fall and spring semester.  For more information on the Pitney Bowes Foundation Wellness Center or the Physical Activity Courses, please click on the links below: