Two-Dimensional Design*

About this Course

An exploration of the concepts underlying visual organization in two-dimensional art and design. Students will undertake a series of studio projects aimed at uncovering basic design elements (line, shape, value, texture, space), properties, and principles (balance, unity, emphasis, repetition, rhythm, etc.). Emphasis placed on visual and creative thinking and problem solving.

This course is also available as a Credit Division class. Prices may vary.

Course Details

Continuing Ed / Non-Credit
Tuition: $695
Subject: ART 0136

Sections Offered

Section: NC1 CRN: 51311
Location: W235/W237
Type: Hybrid
Instructor: John Alvord
05/30/2024 - 07/21/2024
2:00 pm - 4:45 pm
Tue, Thu
No Class on: 6/19, 7/4