FAQ for Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peer Academic Support Services (PASS)?

Peer Academic Support Service (PASS) tutoring is a free, course specific, peer-facilitated group study session designed to not only help students learn the course material, but also how to become independent learners. PASS tutors are dedicated to a course and its professor throughout the semester. The PASS tutors attend class sessions and offer weekly 60-minute tutoring sessions based on topics of need as determined by collaboration between the tutor and professor. The tutoring sessions are grounded in active and collaborative learning, so it is engaging and fun!


Research tells us that active and collaborative learning helps students better understand material covered in class. PASS is structured to provide time for students to practice and engage with the material in an interactive and fun way. Due to the structure of PASS, studies show that one 60-minutes session is equivalent to students studying on their own for 2 hours! 1

What is the difference between SI, Embedded Tutoring and General Tutoring?

See here for Fact Sheet

Who are the PASS Tutors?

PASS tutors are undergraduate students at NCC who have successfully completed the course you are teaching, whether it be by you or another professor. Although they have complete the course prior, they continue to attend your class with the students, take notes, and communicate directly with you to discuss their tutoring sessions and what they are hearing from students regarding the material.

What is the role of the PASS Tutor in my class?

PASS tutors will attend each class and use what is being covered to plan and facilitate group study sessions outside of class. Tutors attend class to hear what you are sharing and to determine what to focus their future sessions on. In sessions, tutors focus on material that students are finding more challenging and the foundational principles to help ensure student mastery before the next topic or unit.

What will my partnership with PASS look like?

Faculty members who partner with our Peer Academic Support Services are asked to promote and encourage their students to attend PASS sessions throughout the semester and establish communication with the PASS tutor.

How can I request PASS Tutor for my class?

For more information about offering PASS tutors for your course, contact Dr. Kathleen Wallace.


[1] Johnson, D. W. (1991). Cooperative Learning: Increasing College Faculty Instructional Productivity. ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report No. 4, 1991. ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Reports, George Washington University, One Dupont Circle, Suite 630, Washington, DC 20036-1183.