Testing Services

Alternate Location Testing Services

Zeigler Adaptive Technology Lab

West Campus, Room W209j

When approved by the Coordinator of Student AccessAbility Services, students may arrange to take tests in our Zeigler Adaptive Technology Lab, Room W209j.  The procedure is as follows:

  • 1. Early in the semester, plan the arrangements for testing accommodations with each of your instructors when you give the instructor the “Academic Adjustment Letter.”  If your “Academic Adjustment Letter” included Alternate Location for Exams or Adaptive Technology Lab for Exams, follow the procedure below.  In addition, if your instructor is unable to provide extended time for your exams and you need an Alternate Location for Exams, call (203) 857-7192 or email the Coordinator as soon as possible.
  • 2. Fill out and submit an Alternate Location Testing Request and a Student Schedule Form (found on the Student AccessAbility Services Portal by selecting the tab for “Surveys and Forms.”) First review the Instructions for Alternate Location Testing Requests
    • If the staff does not contact you in 2 days (by phone or email) go to W209 reception desk or call 203.857.7298
    • Notice of at least one week is needed.
    • The test should be completed the week it is scheduled.
    • When you schedule your test, be sure to allow time for extended time, if that is your accommodation. Typically, that means one and a half times the amount of time the test is designed to take.
    • The Testing Center staff will check the testing schedule and confirm your appointment in person, by phone, or email.
    • The test will be scheduled as near to the time of your request as possible, depending on availability of proctor and testing room.
  • 4. When you are given a confirmed test time from the staff you should receive or pick-up the green reservation form entitled ALTERNATE LOCATION TEST RESERVATION FORM. Give the reservation form in-person to your instructor (do not put it in a faculty mailbox).   This is your opportunity to inform the instructor of the day and time of the appointment and remind the instructor to deliver the test to room W209j prior to the appointment time. Important note: Tell your instructor to write on the green form any special testing instructions given to the class.  The center follows official exam procedures.  If it is not in writing it will not be allowed!
  •  5. Be on time to room W209j. If you are late, valuable testing time may be lost. If you cannot attend at your scheduled time call ASAP. (Heather Alexander 203.857.6844 or Beth Lambert 203.857.7298)
  • 6.  When finished, leave the test with the Testing Center staff.
  • 7. Tell your professor that you have taken the test and that he or she can pick it up.


Heather Alexander 

W209j (M-T)

Beth Lambert

W209-Reception  (M-F)