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West Campus, W209j

Alternate Location Testing Services

Zeigler Adaptive Technology Lab

West Campus, Room W209j

When approved by the Coordinator of Disability Services, students may arrange to take tests in our Zeigler Adaptive Technology Lab, Room W209j.

If your “Letter of Accommodation” includes the following accommodation(s), you will have access to take your tests in the Adaptive Technology Lab. Students must submit test appointment requests using the “Test Room Booking” tab on the Accommodate Student Portal.

  • Adaptive Technology Labs for Exams
  • Reduced Distraction Environment to Complete Assessments
  • Use of Assistive Technology or other special testing conditions

To benefit from the testing services in the Adaptive Technology Lab, you should:

  1. Check if there are test dates listed on the course syllabus at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Meet with each instructor to plan your testing arrangements.
  3. Request testing appointments at least 7 days before the test.

Note: If your instructor is unable to provide extra time for your tests and you need an alternate location for tests, email the Coordinator of Disability Services as soon as possible. Email Dr. Apfel.

Adaptive Technology Lab Team

Jesse Allen, Adaptive Technology Specialist

Jeanne Lanzetta, Adaptive Technology Specialist

Nicole von Dohlen, Adaptive Technology Specialist