About myCommNet

What is myCommNet?

myCommNet is the single portal for all Connecticut Community College users, which provides students, faculty and staff access to:

Banner Self-Service: “Banner” is the Connecticut Community Colleges student academic database. Students can access registration services, academic records, financial and financial aid information, and much more. Faculty can access grade rosters, enter grades, check advisees, etc.

Blackboard: Our online learning management system, where instructors can provide students with online access to course syllabi, lectures, homework, etc.

Student email: Student email accounts have been issued to all Connecticut Community College students admitted after January 2011. All official information from the colleges is sent to this email address.

Library information: Access library databases at any college you attend.

Computers for Student Use

Computers for student use are available in Norwalk Community College’s GE Open Lab. It is located in the Center for Information Technology on the West Campus. These computers are available throughout the day for internet browsing, research, writing papers, and any other classroom assignments. The GE Open Lab houses 60 computers running the latest Microsoft Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office software suites.

Please note: NetIDs are required to log into these computers.