WiFi Access

Connecting a device to the WiFi network on campus

Norwalk Community College is proud to offer WiFi internet access throughout the college for students, faculty, and staff. All campus buildings have been outfitted with wireless access points allowing users to be online no matter where they are inside. There is also some limited coverage in the parking lots.

You will need a valid NetID to log onto the campus WiFi network.

There is a limit of one (1) device per NetID allowed on the wireless network.

The IT Department is not responsible for updating, configuring, repairing, or otherwise troubleshooting personal devices. This includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by malicious software or people, both in person and over the network or Internet.

All laptops must have a wireless network card capable of 802.11 A (Wireless A), 802.11 G (Wireless G), or 802.11N (Wireless N) speeds. Laptops with an 802.11 B (Wireless B) network card will not be capable of seeing the wireless network, and will not be able to connect.

The latest Microsoft Windows Updates are required to support authentication to this network. You will not be able to connect without having these updates. You will need to download the updates from another location (such as your home) prior to bringing your laptop to campus.

Step by step guides

The following step-by-step guides for specific operating systems are available as PDF files below.