Submit English/ESL/Math Placement Information

CT State Norwalk has put new placement procedures in place!

Students are primarily placed in English and Math courses via Self-Reported high school GPA and highest level of Math completed/passed. CT State Norwalk may also refer to SAT scores OR 9-12 grade high school transcripts (whichever places higher) for English/Math placement.  For those who prefer a recent assessment, we will arrange online and/or in-person testing on a per case basis.

In order to receive placements, you must first submit an application to CT State Norwalk, and receive a permanent CT State Norwalk Student ID (Banner) number.

If you have testing questions, email Thalia at: TMoshoyannis@CT State

Step 1

Please request that your most recent SAT scores and/or 9-12 high school transcripts be sent directly to the Admissions Office

  • For SAT scores, contact the College Board
  • For grades 9-12 high school transcripts, contact your high school guidance office.

Step 2

Complete the online Self-Assessment form for English/Math


Complete the online ESL assessment*

*If you have taken even one year of ESL during high school, or did not attend an English-speaking high school, please take the ESL assessment. Contact Professor Hannah Moeckel-Rieke at: for additional information.

Step 3

After submitting all documents:

In order to sign up for a placement test, you must first submit an application to NCC, and receive your permanent NCC Student ID (Banner) number. You may not test with a temporary ID number beginning with “G-“

We strongly encourage you to submit all necessary documents for English/Math course placement (high school 9-12 transcript, SAT, ACT, and/or English/Math APs) and complete the online Self-Assessment form before the start of the semester. If you receive your placement results early, you can take full advantage of our advising services and have a better choice of classes.

Please choose one of the following:

Basic Skills

Most of our courses, regardless of subject, require college-ready English knowledge.

You will be evaluated by Self-Reporting your overall high school GPA. You may also opt to submit SAT scores and/or high school (9-12th grade) transcript (whichever place higher) if: (1) English is your native (primary) language or (2) if English is your second language but you graduated from a U.S. high school with all four years of mainstream English and no ESL classes.

If you are pursuing a degree at NCC or planning to enroll in courses with a math requirement, you will also be evaluated for the appropriate math level.

You will be evaluated by Self-Reporting your high school math grades and highest level of math completed/passed. . You may also opt to submit SAT scores and/or high school (9-12th grade) transcript (whichever place higher).

If you have passed college-level English and/or math courses or achieved certain scores on AP exams, you may have already earned college-level English/Math credit and may not require assessment. For more information about exemptions, click here.

English as a Second Language

If English is not your first language, and you have taken even one ESL course during high school (grades 9-12), please take the online ESL Test. This test will determine your ESL level (or mainstream English level) if more appropriate.

The online test has three parts: student information, grammar, and an essay. The test takes about an hour to complete. Please be sure to have the time (and quiet space) available before beginning.

You may NOT use a dictionary or an electronic translator, and you should NOT invite friends or family members to assist you! We hope to accurately measure your English skills in order to match you with the English class that best reflects your current English level.

If you have questions or need help with scheduling, please contact the Testing Center at 203.857.7077

No SAT/High School Transcript?

No worries! NCC is primarily using Self-Reported high school GPA and highest level of Math completed/passed to place students in our English/Math courses. High school transcripts and/or SATs may be used in lieu of Self-Reported high school grades, but are not necessary. If you are a returning, continuing, or ESL student requiring Math placement, we offer online or in-person options, by appointment.

For more information, contact the Director of Student Assessment, Thalia Moshoyannis at: