Panther Advising Workshops

Students entering college for the first-time are required to attend a Panther Advising Workshop (PAW) prior to registering for their first semester at NCC. The workshop will include:

  • A presentation on important information students need to get started in college
  • A meeting with an academic advisor
  • Training to use the NCC online system, myCommNet
  • Registration for fall classes

Workshops are held on the East Campus. You should allot approximately 2½ hours for the workshop.

Select a Session Type

These workshops are designed for all new students attending NCC, except English as a Second Language (ESL) students.

Before attending, you must have:

Completed your placement test
or provided proof of exemption

Submitted your immunization records


ESL PAW Sessions are designed specifically for English as a Second Language students. If you are testing into ESL, please choose this type of PAW session, as your placement scores and advising needs are slightly different.