Panther Advising Workshops (PAW)

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If you have any questions regarding PAW Workshops, please email us at


Please be aware that due to the campus closure, PAWs will be held online in a virtual meeting format via Microsoft Teams.

This will require you to setup your student account, called a NetID, to access all online resources available to you as a student. This must be done in advance of any workshop date.

[PAW Checklist] What you need to do before your first workshop.

Students entering college for the first-time are required to attend a Panther Advising Workshop (PAW) prior to registering for their first semester at NCC. The workshop will include:

  • Important information about being a student at NCC
  • A meeting with an academic advisor
  • Registration for your first semester courses
  • How to use myCommNet and your NetID

Workshops will be about 30 minutes.

Panther Advising Workshops

Select a Session Type

Standard PAWs

Standard PAWs are designed for all new students attending NCC, except English as a Second Language (ESL) students.



ESL PAW Sessions are designed specifically for English as a Second Language students. If you are testing into ESL, please choose this type of PAW session, as your placement scores and advising needs are slightly different.

Tests will be available soon.

If you have any questions, please contact the Chair of the ESL division Hannah Moeckel-Rieke