Resources Available Off-Campus for Staff and Faculty

The following services are available for all faculty and staff to use off-campus.

Many services require your NetID to access.


The CSCU portal for all resources related to

  • Grades
  • Advising
  • Registration
  • Course Schedules
  • Blackboard (course assignments and data)
  • Symplicity
  • myCommNet Alert

It also includes links to Office365 Email, CoreCT, HEP, Banner Self Service “How-To Resources”, HR, Library, and Labor Relations.

The central College Portal for all internal resources related to NCC.

Includes common links, support information, online and printable forms, college reports, academic references, and connections to other sites for department or service specific information. The related subsites include (but are not limited to): Events and Campus Relations, Campus Security, Information Technology, and Committee Meeting Minutes.

Microsoft Office 365 (Email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, OneDrive)

The Microsoft services portal for direct access to online versions of Outlook (email), Teams (collaboration, chat, meetings with other NetID accounts),

  • OneDrive
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • and other applications

This location also includes the ability to download and install Office 365 for desktop and tablet versions of some of these applications for Windows, Apple, and Android.

Have a question on how to access Office 365? Visit the CSCU IT Support site.

For training instructions on using MS Office 365 applications, please see the Microsoft Training Center.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a collaborative communications service available to all CSCU members, students, staff, and faculty. It is available as a browser-only online website or as an installable desktop client for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Have a question on how Teams can help you collaborate with your department, classroom, or peers? Visit the CSCU IT support site.


WebEx is available for all staff and faculty to host meetings. A collaboration and meeting tool for scheduling meetings and group conversations.

Have a question regarding WebEx? CSCU Webex Support Site

Protective Enclave

NOTE: Multifactor Authentication must be configured in advance and must include a mobile phone number or the authentication phone app (Get the free app for iOS & Android) for off-campus access.

Access DCL3 data and applications such as Internet Native Banner, Document Manager, and more.

Help and information for the Protective Enclave and Multifactor Authentication can be found on the CSCU IT Support Center.

CSCU IT Online Helpdesk (24/7)

CSCU IT Online Helpdesk

Online Helpdesk with 24/7 Phone and Chat support. Knowledge base articles for frequently asked questions. This should be your go-to for online IT assistance.

CSCU Support Center

The CSCU Support Center site contains documents, procedures, tutorials, and detailed information for services provided by IT. This does not include live help, please use the CSCU IT Online Helpdesk for immediate assistance.

Discounted Software available for Staff and Faculty

Windows 10 Education – Free for student use via our discount software portal. (Requires verification of your student email address.) See full catalog of discounted software.