Online Resources

In times of significant disruption, the key goal is to help students get the support they need to meet core course objectives. This site will help you develop a contingency plan for supporting your face-to-face classes in the case of a temporary disruption of campus operations. It includes information about what you should do now to prepare and how to continue teaching your course in the event of a disruption.

Know your NetID login and password. This is the single most important account to access all online resources from off-campus. Forgot your NetID? Need to reset your password?

Make sure that you can log into all the CSCU systems with your NetID that you might need from your home computer and other devices. These systems may include email, myCommNet, WebEx, and Blackboard. Visit the CSCU Support Center site for 24/7 phone, chat, and knowledge base support.

Visit the CSCU IT Support Site for training materials, FAQs, and answers regarding IT services.

Confirm access to your digital files. Your office computer has been syncing the most common folders to your OneDrive cloud file service. Please review and confirm that your office desktop files are available on OneDrive by signing into OneDrive on the web with your NetID.

Update your voicemail. Make sure you can change your voicemail message and access your office voicemail from home. Practice changing your office voicemail message. Contact IT Helpdesk to reset your voicemail PIN.

Make sure your students know the best way to reach you. In the event of a temporary disruption of campus operations, you may opt to communicate with students via email, voice mail, personal phone, or other tools. See the tips and strategies page for additional details and suggestions.

Let students know how you plan to communicate with them in the event of a temporary disruption. Students need to know how they can expect to hear from you and should make sure that they can access the email address that will be used for communication.

Make basic information about your class available on Blackboard. At a minimum, post your syllabus, and create an announcement with information about how students can contact you. If you plan to use another tool for course activities, link to it from Blackboard. Be sure to make your course available. See our Blackboard page for more information.

Make a plan for continuing to teach your course. In the event of a temporary disruption of campus operations, you will need a plan for accomplishing normal course activities, such as sharing course materials, communicating with students, collecting assignments, and giving exams. See our tips and strategies page for suggestions.

Communicate your plan to your students. Let students know how the course will continue ahead of any disruption so they know what to expect and can plan for continuing to participate.