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Body Breaks Beyond Testimonials

“I found that participating in the Body Breaks Beyond! program that my muscle tone increased overall, especially in my legs and arms. It also gave me additional energy. In addition, it gave motivation to exercise at least those three times a week.”

– Gregory L. Riley, Sr., Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice.

“I really enjoyed participating in the Body Breaks Beyond! program. It was such a well-organized, informative and a professionally presented program. It motivated me to get moving more during my week and it was easy to follow. I found it to be a good stress reliever as well.”

Jennifer Wood Heslin, Early Childhood Education Coordinator and Professor.

“In 30 minutes, done from just about any location, Body Breaks Beyond! is a total body work-out, building tone and strength from head to toe.  I liked the easy-to-follow program and found it be both invigorating and calming.  I looked forward to the three times/week regimen as a natural part of my routine.”

Jane Lazgin, Adjunct Professor, English As A Second Language

 “Participating with Body Breaks Beyond! this year was phenomenal.  Participating provided me with exercises that I can do almost anywhere. It allows me to exercise at my desk, moving around in the office, or watching TV at home. The exercises were simple to remember and perform. The exercises helped energize me and I always felt better after each session.”

Maohlicia Carolus, Program Director, Medical Assistant/Medical Office Management.

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