Transfer Academy

Here at TRiO, not only do we want to assist you while you are here at CT State Norwalk, but we also want to assist you during your transition to a four-year college or university.  For this reason, we have created the Transfer Academy.

Below, you will find steps to help you along your journey.

Step 1 – Choose your school. Consider these things:

Programs of Study

It is very important to pay attention to whether or not a school offers what you want to study.  Choose a program that aligns with your interests and go from there.


When reviewing your school choices, look at the cost of tuition. If you are planning to live on campus, make sure you factor in the cost of residency.  Also consider whether or not the school offers scholarships and if so, in what amounts, and then finally, how much you will have to pay out of pocket.

The Size of the University/College

The size of the college and the number of students who attend can play a role in your success at the college.  More students usually means larger class sizes.  Some people excel in larger classes and some do not.

Step 2 – Requirements for chosen schools, like:


Admissions requirements vary by school as well, and sometimes by academic program.  Admissions requirements go beyond the coursework and GPA.  These may include personal statements, essay questions, and letters of recommendation.  Do not wait too long to apply to your program and make sure you give yourself enough time to collect the materials you need.


Pay attention to your deadlines!  Not all schools and academic programs have the same deadlines.  Some have multiple deadlines depending on what they are looking for.  Track them each individually and make sure you meet them.  Missing deadlines can cost you your dream school.

Pre-requisite Coursework

If you are entering a specific program when you transfer, make sure the courses you take at NCC align with the major you want to pursue.  Along the way, there may be pre-requisites for the courses in the school you are transferring to.  Make sure you complete them now before you go.

Step 3 - Apply!

Once you have chosen your top 3-5 schools, it is time to apply.  When you apply, you must do the following:

Fill out the Application(s) required for each school.

Many schools use the Common Application, which allows you to apply to multiple schools at once.  Most applications have a fee associated with them.  Visit the EOC Office to obtain a fee waiver for the application.

Send official transcripts to each school from CT State Community College

For E-Transcripts (if allowed)

  • Sign into
  • Banner Self Service
  • Student Records
  • Request Transcripts
  • Request Official Transcript
  • Follow the steps in the form and indicate the schools to which you would like to send the transcripts.
For Paper Transcripts

Pay the Confirmation Fee

The confirmation fee is different from your application fee and cannot be waived unless otherwise permitted by the four-year institution.  You are charged this fee as a way to tell the four-year school that you are committed to going to that university/college.

Meet with an Advisor at your chosen college

Your new advisor will explain the way your new institution works and provide curriculum information.  This person will also assist you in choosing classes for your first semester at the university/college and help you get registered.

Many of our students transfer to a four-year university/college after graduating from CT State Norwalk.  Some of the most popular colleges our students transfer to are:

For more information about transferring, contact us!

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