Semester: Summer 2024

Learn the ancient art of wire wrapping! This course covers essential skills like making shapes and wire components, incorporating intermediate wire wrapping techniques using free form and intricate wire weaving designs. You will develop a strong foundation in wire wrapping and make basic wire components such as loops, clasps, bails, and shapes. Use these components … Continue reading “Jewelry Making: Creating and Selling Your Own Jewelry Designs”

Embark on an artistic expedition that goes beyond traditional elementary school art projects! Have fun exploring a blend of art mediums, techniques, and styles designed to spark creativity and imagination. Dive into a world of hands-on experimentation and personal expression as we explore mixed media, printmaking, sculpture, nature-inspired masterpieces and more!

Students are introduced to the core beliefs and practices of major world religions. The emphasis in this course is on origins, history, and the social and cultural aspects of multiple world religions.

An exploration of the concepts underlying visual organization in two-dimensional art and design. Students will undertake a series of studio projects aimed at uncovering basic design elements (line, shape, value, texture, space), properties, and principles (balance, unity, emphasis, repetition, rhythm, etc.). Emphasis placed on visual and creative thinking and problem solving.

This hands-on course will teach students important lifetime decision making skills. Working on real world examples both in groups and individually, the class will help students develop an understanding of money and finances for today’s world.  Based on the Cowin Financial Literacy Program in partnership with Columbia University’s Teachers College and Women In Support of … Continue reading “Teens and Money: Teen Personal Finance Grades 9-12”

This fun summer course is designed to ignite children’s passion for math through engaging and interactive gameplay. Students will build their number sense, find patterns in numbers, work on fact fluency with active math games and activities that will build their skills.  We will use playing cards, dice and spinners, and create manipulatives which will … Continue reading “Math Games Grades 2-5”

Unlock the secrets to transforming limited spaces into lush, vibrant gardens.   Ideal for urban dwellers, garden design enthusiasts, and those seeking to elevate their outdoor spaces, this course delves into the art and science of creating stunning container gardens that evolve and thrive throughout the seasons. Learn how to create your own beautiful containers to … Continue reading “Mastering Container Gardening- Cultivating Beauty in Small Spaces”

In this class students will be introduced to the art of photography through photograms in the darkroom, as well as, cell phone photography. Students will explore image-making through hands-on experiments in the darkroom with light-sensitive materials.  Students will also delve into the fundamentals of capturing images using their smartphones; covering essential techniques such as composition, … Continue reading “Introduction to Photography-From Darkroom to Cell Phone Grades 9-12”

This course introduces students to the topics and practices of philosophy. It surveys major philosophical issues and questions drawn from ancient and contemporary sources.