Semester: Summer 2024

Learn the ancient art of wire wrapping! This course covers essential skills like making shapes and wire components, incorporating intermediate wire wrapping techniques using free form and intricate wire weaving designs. You will develop a strong foundation in wire wrapping and make basic wire components such as loops, clasps, bails, and shapes. Use these components … Continue reading “Jewelry Making: Creating and Selling Your Own Jewelry Designs”

This course introduces students to the topics and practices of philosophy. It surveys major philosophical issues and questions drawn from ancient and contemporary sources.

This course is an introduction and survey course in Bioethics that will examine some of the moral issues affecting the daily realities of healthcare. Bioethics is concerned with the ethical questions that arise in the relationships among life sciences, biotechnology, medicine, environment, politics, law, global issues, and philosophy. The student will investigate philosophical theories and … Continue reading “Bio Ethics*”

  The Real Estate Principles and Practices course is for students seeking to become real estate agents, property managers, homeowners or investors. This course is taught by seasoned real estate professionals and successfully meets the minimum requirements for real estate licensing in the State of Connecticut and meets the minimum requirements set forth by the … Continue reading “Real Estate Principles & Practices”

Using QuickBooks Online software, students will learn how to master this powerful and flexible management tool for small business accounting and bookkeeping needs. With QuickBooks, most routine operations can be automated, enabling the manager, bookkeeper, or accountant to keep vital financial information at his or her fingertips. Students will learn accounts payable, accounts receivable, report … Continue reading “QuickBooks”

Dive into the exciting world of Python, a beginner-friendly programming language, with no prior experience needed. Explore key programming concepts through interactive lessons, playful exercises, and creative projects like games and animations. Students will learn the basics of Python, develop critical problem-solving skills, and gain an introduction to computer science principles. This course emphasizes project-based … Continue reading “Python Adventures: An Exciting Journey into Coding for Young Programmers Grades 6-8 & 9-12”

This professional Bartending course includes the state and national SMART certification (Servers and Managers Alcohol Responsibility Training) recognized by the Connecticut Department of Liquor Control and police departments. Servers of alcohol are taught to serve responsibly, how to spot signs of intoxication, and how to respond appropriately. Students will learn to make more than 100 … Continue reading “Professional Bartending Certification”