Program: Personal Enrichment

Designed for students new to yoga or with limited experience who want to work slowly and thoroughly. The sessions will teach you yoga postures to strengthen and increase your flexibility. … Continue reading “Yoga-Basic”

This 6,000 year old ancient practice will teach the student the true meaning of union by combining physical, mental, and spiritual states of wellness. The course is designed to provide … Continue reading “Yoga”

Seven of the major religious traditions of the modern world are introduced: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, as well as Chinese and Japanese religious thought. The course explores the history … Continue reading “World Religions”

Through studio experience, lectures and class discussions, students learn about the basic design concepts, techniques, materials and tools relevant to creating three-dimensional sculptural forms.  Students are responsible for purchasing supplies. … Continue reading “Sculpture I”

The course introduces students to the communication techniques needed to organize and deliver oral messages in a public setting, with emphasis on extemporaneous speeches that inform, demonstrate and persuade. Basic … Continue reading “Public Speaking”