ESL Non-Credit Frequently Asked Questions

New Students:  Please contact the Admissions Office, East Campus, now!
You need to complete an application & placement test BEFORE registration.

I want to study English. What do I do?

First, contact the Admissions Office soon or visit the office in NCC’s East Campus.  You need to complete an application and an appointment for the placement test.

Placement tests:  Does everyone need a Placement Test?

Yes.  All new students who speak English as a Second Language who want to take ESL classes or regular college credit classes must take the ESL Placement Test to determine an ESL class level. After you complete the application, we will email you an NCC ID number. Use the ID number to make an appointment for the ESL Placement Test on our website.

Registration: What do I do after the test?

After the test, we will email you the test results.  Then come to the ESL Office, East Campus Room 206. We will help you choose a class.  ESL Registration must be IN PERSON – no online registration, no mail, no fax.

Cost:  How much are the classes?

ESL Non-credit classes (Basic Levels) are usually $399 (58 hours) in the Fall and Spring.  In the Summer, the ESL Non-credit classes are usually $299 – $399.  (Some classes are shorter and cheaper). ESL Credit classes (Intermediate and Advanced Levels) cost about $500 – $1,200.  Books cost about $50 – $100 per class.  You can pay with credit card (Master Card or Visa), check, cash or money order.

Classes:  Are the classes still available?

The ESL classes are very popular, so please complete the application and make an appointment for the placement test soon. You can check the enrollment on the course search.

Schedule:  What is the class schedule?

ESL Non-credit courses usually meet for two times a week for 14 weeks.  The classes meet in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, or Saturdays in Norwalk at NCC.  ESL Non-credit Summer classes usually meet three times a week in the mornings or the evenings for seven weeks (end of May through July. Some classes are shorter and cheaper).   The ESL Credit Courses also have more advanced classes at other days and times.

For more information, please watch a short video about ESL at NCC