Au Pairs (J1 Visa) Information and Procedures

Application and Placement Test

All ESL students including Au Pairs need to complete the NCC Application and take the ESL Placement Test.

“Credits” or Hours

Au Pairs usually need to complete 6 “credits.” However, NCC gives Au Pairs hours for the actual hours they attend a class. One credit equals 12 hours and 6 credits equals 72 hours.  Ask your counselor how many hours you need.  See chart below for approximate hours for each class.

ESL Non-credit or ESL Credit/Blended Course

ESL Non-credit classes are Basic classes (Levels 10 – 50) and ESL Credit/Blended classes are Intermediate/Advanced (based heavily on the writing on the ESL Test). For times and prices, please see the ESL Non-Credit Schedule.

Expectations/Attendance Confirmation Form

An Au Pair only receives the hours for the time he/she is in the classroom. At the beginning of the course, the Au Pair should tell the teacher that he/she will need the hours of attendance. The Au Pair should ask the class instructor for her total hours on the Attendance Confirmation Form just before the last class. All NCC students including Au Pairs are expected to fulfill class expectations (classwork, homework, projects, and tests).

Hours for ESL Classes for Au Pairs (approximate)

ESL Non-credit classes (Reading/Writing, Grammar, Speaking/Listening, Writing/Grammar) are usually 55 -58 hours per semester depending on the semester. The number of hours may change, so the hours on the chart below are approximate.

Course English Level – based on ESL Placement Test Hours
Conversation Circles 76 Levels 40, 50, 60 and up Thursday nights – 30 hours
Friday mornings – 58 hours
Reading/Writing or
Grammar or
Levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 Morning, afternoon,
night, or Saturday –  55 – 58 hours
Conversation Circles 26/36 Levels 20 and 30 Thursday nights – 30 hours
Friday mornings – 58 hours
Basic Pronunciation 68 Levels 40, 50, 60 and up 58 hours
Business for ESL Students I 67 Levels 40, 50, 60 and up 39 hours
Business for ESL Students II  69 Levels 132 and up 39 hours
TOEFL Test Preparation Levels 132 and up 55 – 58 hours
Reading Circles 78 Levels 132 and up Nights – 44 hours
Mornings – 58 hours
Writing/Grammar on Computer 61 Levels 40, 50, 60 and up 58 hours
Writing/Grammar 63 Levels 60 and up 58 hours
CREDIT/Blended Reading/Writing Levels 022, 132, 142, 152 100 hours approximately (check prices for blended)
CREDIT/Blended Electives (Grammar, Oral Communication, Pronunciation) Levels 025, 022,132, 142, 152 42 hours (check prices for blended)

Please see short descriptions of the ESL classes.

For questions about Au Pairs, contact Denise Daych, East 206,