English as a Second Language Certificate Program

This certificate program provides students whose native language is not English with intensive instruction in English language skills. The curriculum includes general college courses in composition,  literature, and speech, as well as ESL. Successful completion of the program represents an advanced level of English language competency. Students must earn the grade of C or better in all courses required for the certificate ( ESL 142, ESL 152 and ESL 192 may also be used as Humanities/Liberal Arts elective credit in certain programs. See " Definition of Electives" for details.)

Program Outcomes

Students completing the ESL credit writing sequence, English core requirements and Public Speaking will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Make college level-appropriate choices in tone and purpose of writing in a variety of essays, letters, and other written and multimodal forms of expression;
  2. Organize essays with an introduction, body and conclusion, present ideas in logical order in clearly defined paragraphs, develop their ideas and support them with clear examples and sufficient details;
  3. Read, understand and write about unabridged works of fiction and/or non-fiction;
  4. Apply college level-appropriate accuracy and control of grammar and syntax;
  5. Be able to improve content and presentation of ideas through revising and editing their written work for coherence, clarity and mechanics through several drafts that integrate feedback;
  6. Successfully produce a writing portfolio for evaluation at the end of a semester;
  7. Write a basic research essay using online sources, print media, library databases and other resources and integrating other people's ideas through paraphrasing, quoting and citing MLA citation standard; and,
  8. Use and communicate through online learning environments, such as Blackboard and ePortfolio.
 Requirements (19 Credits)
 ESL 152 Reading / Writing V 6 credits (credit applicable to ESL Advanced Certificate; counts as a Humanities/Liberal Arts elective)
 ESL 192 ESL Writing Workshop 4 credits (credit applicable to ESL Advanced Certificate; counts as a Humanities/Liberal Arts elective) *
 ENG 101 Composition 3 credits
 ENG 102 Literature and Composition 3 credits
 COM 173 Public Speaking 3 credits

* Students who place at the ESL 192-level when entering the College may substitute American History, American Government, American Literature or any other course devoted to American culture or heritage for ESL 152. Contact the ESL Division in room E206 for complete information about substitute courses.