Campus Security

About Campus Security

NCC is a safe and comfortable environment. Parking lots and outdoor spaces are well-lit and NCC’s security personnel are available throughout the campus, if needed.

Our security office keeps an archive of previous Emergency Action Plans. Please call if you’d like to review a copy.

First Aid kits are available on

  • East Campus – Security/Information Desk by Main Entrance
  • East Campus – Security Desk by the Library
  • West Campus – Main Entrance Security Desk
  • West Campus – Security Desk C.I.T. Entrance
  • West Campus – Security Desk Health and Science Entrance

Active Shooter Information

Encountering an active shooter in your place of work or study is unlikely, but it never hurts to prepare for the unthinkable.
Learn more about what to do in an Active Shooter situation.

Medical Emergency Procedures

Procedures for handling medical emergencies are posted throughout the college. Please take a moment to read these so you are prepared for responding to such emergencies.

For Emergencies, using any campus phone:
  • Dial 911 or 8911
  • Campus Security: 77223

Additional Emergency Contacts

Report an Issue

We have two online forms for reporting issues on campus. Please choose the most appropriate one below.

Crime Stopper Reporting + Tip Line

Confidential and Anonymous

If you have knowledge of a crime or suspicious circumstance and would like to report this information anonymously to CT State Norwalk Security, fill out the following form. Please provide as much detail as you can.

Sending your personal information to us is not required, however, if you would like to speak to an officer about your concern, please complete the name, phone number, and email boxes prior to submitting this form and someone will contact you.

All information received is confidential and used by CT State Norwalk Security only.

Student of Concern

The Student of Concern Form is used to report students who are exhibiting issues or behavior causing some concern. This includes Emotional/ Behavioral Concerns, Academic Concerns,  personal needs such as food/clothing/transportation/housing, as well as Reports of Sexual Assault, Stalking or Intimate Partner Violence.

Public Incident Report

Use this to report an incident that takes place on campus or online, relating to student conduct.

Crime Log Book

The purpose of the daily crime log is to record all criminal incidents, alleged criminal incidents, and non criminal incidents that are reported to the campus security department. Reports of crimes will include the classification of the crime, case number, date and time the crime occurred and the date and time it was reported, the location and disposition of the crime.

This log book is open for examination by any member of staff, students or the public at any time during regular business hours.

Emergency Blue Lights on Campus

Blue Light phones are devices that are placed around the college campus for students to use in case of emergency.  When the call button is pressed, the phone instantly connects to the dispatcher at the campus security department.  CT State Norwalk has four Blue Light phones, all located in the rear of the West Campus.

ID Card Center Location and Hours

CT State Norwalk Photo IDs are mandatory for every student, staff and faculty member. View full details.

Lost and Found

The Security Department is in charge of the college’s lost and found. If you find an item that you believe someone has lost, please bring it to a Security Officer on the East or West Campus. If you have lost an item, please stop by the East Campus Information desk to see if it has been brought to us. In order to retrieve a lost item, you must bring with you a valid form of photo identification (i.e. College ID, State Driver’s License, Passport, etc.).