Program: Special Interests

Students are introduced to the core beliefs and practices of major world religions. The emphasis in this course is on origins, history, and the social and cultural aspects of multiple world religions.

In this introductory course to Public Speaking students will engage in the process of transmitting ideas and information orally in a variety of situations. Effective oral communication involves generating messages and delivering them with attention to vocal variety, articulation, and nonverbal signals. In order to be a competent speaker, a person must be able to … Continue reading “Public Speaking*”

This course introduces students to the topics and practices of philosophy. It surveys major philosophical issues and questions drawn from ancient and contemporary sources.

This course introduces students to the anthropological field of archaeology, the study of past and present cultures through the material objects that humans create and utilize. Utilizing texts and experiential learning activities, the course explores the research methods, ethics, and theoretical concepts that archaeologists use to investigate, interpret, and conserve these material artifacts. Students learn … Continue reading “Introduction to Archaeology*”

In this course, students examine the leading theories of morality and ethics concerning what is good, right, and just; the principles of good moral reasoning; and contemporary ethical issues.

This class is for those who are ready to take up the #2 hobby in the U.S. (second only to gardening) and to explore and record their family roots. It’s a good fit for those who are fans of history, puzzles, treasure hunts, and detective stories.  Throughout the class, students will become familiar with the … Continue reading “Introduction to Genealogy”