Program: Culinary Arts

Vietnamese cuisine is fresh and exotic, filled with herbs and spices. Students will learn how these aromatics meals are influenced by land, sea, and rainforests as well as French and Chinese cuisines. Vietnamese cooking is a balance of senses affected by the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood

Irish dishes to celebrate the “Wearing of the Green”.   Session will include classic dishes from the Emerald Isle.

Introduces techniques and procedures of basic cooking, including knife skills, culinary terminology, equipment usage, product identification and applied cooking techniques as well as basic fabrication, practical sanitation, culinary math, soup, stock, and sauce preparation.

Presents sanitation, safety, and maintenance challenges encountered in the food service industry. Investigation of causes and prevention of food-borne illnesses. A National Restaurant Association (NRA) ServSafe ® Food Protection Manager certification will be awarded to students who pass the exam. (pass/fail course)