Program: College for Kids

This week-long immersive seminar for high school students is where the exciting worlds of sports business and E-sports collide!  This course will enable students to examine the sports industry, its methods and strategies, as well as planning concerns such as event management, scheduling, security, and its managerial philosophies including the E-Sports phenomena. Explore the dynamics … Continue reading “Navigating the Game: An Exploration of Sports Business & E-Sports Gr. 9-12”

Students will embark on a journey to rekindle their appreciation for nature and refine their observational skills through immersive drawing experiences. Utilizing both indoor and outdoor spaces, students will begin by drawing from still life setups indoors, featuring flowers, shells, and other objects, before transitioning to outdoor landscapes and nature-inspired scenes. Throughout the course, students … Continue reading “Nature-Inspired Drawings Grades 9-12”

In this class, students will explore their own curiosities and imagination by writing a story based around a character they develop. They will learn how to build an interesting plot around a character of their own design, getting to know their character before their plot is decided.  With lots of freedom to explore their own … Continue reading “Creative Writing Grades 6-8”

Do you love playing games? Can’t live without your Xbox360, PS, Wii, DS, PSP or PC? Have you ever thought, “I could probably imagine an incredible game!” In this class, you will learn how to use the powerful, yet simple to learn “Scratch” programming interface, fresh from the M.I.T. media lab, to create games. You … Continue reading “Create Video Games Grades 6-8”

Rising high school juniors and seniors can launch their college application process by spending one week brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and polishing the Common Application essay. Through individual conferencing and careful exploration, students will develop their story to create a piece that highlights an authentic voice and perspective.  Using models and strong planning, the process is … Continue reading “College Essay Writing Bootcamp Grades 11-12”