Program: College for Kids

Students will learn all the basic cooking methods required as well as time management, menu planning, some cutting skills, and measurements/math skills.  Students will be creating a breakfast buffet to end the week that includes a Pancake Bar as well as egg cookery, breakfast smoothies, muffins, breakfast sandwiches throughout the week.  Discussions include substitutions for … Continue reading “Breakfast & Brunch Grades 6-8”

Now is the time to explore how your talents/interests can be used to create a business idea. Discover more about yourself and how you can earn income doing what you love. Through hands-on, individual and team activities, you will learn leadership, time management, budgeting, effective media writing, marketing, prototype design, problem-solving, presentation, and business planning … Continue reading “Become an Entrepreneur: Turn Your Passions into Profits Grades 9-12”

Learn childcare techniques; leadership skills, safety, diapering, feeding & First Aid emergency procedures.  Students will be certified in both American Red Cross babysitting and First Aid upon successful completion of the course.   Students must attend all sessions and participate in all activities in order to receive certification.

Students will learn to care for children and babies and earn an American Red Cross babysitting certificate.  Working with mannequins, they will learn safety rules, diapering, feeding, appropriate toys, and communication with parents.  Students must attend ALL sessions in order to be certified.  

Learn drama skills through improv, scene/monologue study, theatre games, and musical theatre!  Students will play, explore, and express themselves creatively through acting, singing, and moving.  A final brief sharing will take place on the last day of camp so performers can show off their talents!