What is the Career Readiness Process?

The goal of the program is to ensure our students are career ready by completing each of the ten steps outlined in our CT State Norwalk Passport to Career Readiness. This process is designed to enable students to acquire essential career readiness competencies and promote students successful transition from campus to career. Students will follow the path in their personal profile on Symplicity and check each box upon completion of each step. Once all ten steps are completed, students will be awarded a certificate of career readiness that could be included in their career portfolio.

What are the benefits?

  • Explore and select academic majors and career options
  • Acquire competencies to prepare for employment
  • Build Professional Networks and Career Portfolio
  • Secure internship/employment

How do I get started?

Connect with a Career Counselor at the Career Development and Experiential Learning Center (careercenter@norwalk.edu) to learn more about the virtual CT State Norwalk Passport to Career Readiness. Also, View the Process.

This is the beginning of your Circle of Success journey!

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