Annual Reports

From the CEO

Message from the College CEO:

The moment a student walks through the doors of NCC, they become an integral part of our community. By enrolling, they have made the decision to welcome us into their lives and make NCC a part of their future.

For the past 60 years, NCC has been encouraging our students to challenge themselves and give back to the community that has supported them throughout their journey. This year, more than ever, I witnessed NCC’s power in supporting students from various backgrounds and encouraging them to persevere through life’s challenges.

When NCC first opened in 1961, it held classes in Norwalk’s Brien McMahon High School, utilizing over 30 classrooms to accommodate our students. Sharing a facility with an already existing high school was no easy task, yet the students overcame obstacles that might have prevented them from achieving their goal of a college degree.

As we continued to deal with the COVID pandemic, we knew the plan to support our students would change. As with the class of 1961, we had to get creative in our outreach; from online and distance learning to holding campus events virtually, our community had to overcome many obstacles to support our students. In spite of the limitations on how we could interact, the NCC spirit continued to shine, especially during our 60th Anniversary.

Earlier in the year, I met with students to find out how they would like to celebrate the anniversary year. Many students expressed interest in reconnecting in-person with folks they were unable to commune with during the pandemic. Because COVID interrupted so many of life’s milestones, our students were unable to participate in long awaited events such as their high school proms. Together with the Student Activities Office, NCC created our first ever semi-formal event, held at the Norwalk Inn. Students, faculty, and staff were given the opportunity to “dress to impress” while enjoying each other’s company away from the stress of classwork.

In honor of our 60th Anniversary, NCC held the #60DaysOfService campaign, which challenged our faculty, staff, and students to complete 600 hours of community service with neighboring partners and organizations. We also worked to continue community support through some of the more difficult times. When news broke of the unrest in Ukraine, NCC’s Committee for Diversity and Inclusion immediately worked on ways to support our Ukrainian community and all those affected. NCC made it its mission to provide a refuge for our impacted students through efforts to educate students on the crisis, invite community members to share their stories, and offer ongoing support to our students.

NCC has supported students in and out of the classroom for the past 60 years by giving them the tools necessary to succeed through education and personal enrichment. And today, NCC’s influence has spread further than just our city. Welcoming students from over 50 countries who speak over 70 languages, we have furthered our mission to embrace diversity and inspire excellence.

I am so proud of the work NCC has done over these 60 years and look forward to the continuing success of our students for many years to come!

Cheryl C. De Vonish, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Norwalk Community College