Weather Related or Emergency College Closings

Classes are cancelled only as a result of extreme weather conditions or other emergencies. The college notifies the radio/TV stations listed below to announce cancellations.

Radio Stations
  • Bridgeport: WICC 600 AM, WEBE 108 FM, WEZN 99.99 FM
  • Danbury: WLAD 800 AM, WREF 850 AM
  • Greenwich: WGCH 1490 AM
  • New Haven: WELI 960 AM, WKCI 101.3 FM
  • Norwalk: WNLK 1350 AM, WEFX 95.9 FM
  • Stamford: WSTC 1400 AM, WKHL 96.7 FM
  • Westport: WMMM 1260 AM
  • Mt. Kisco, NY: WVIP 1310 AM
TV Stations
  • Hartford Area: WFSB Channel 3, WVIT Channel 30
  • New Haven: WTNH Channel 8
  • Norwalk: Cablevision Channel 12

All of these stations customarily broadcast notices of school and college closings. It should be pointed out, however, that announcements of the closing of “Norwalk schools” refer only to the elementary and high schools unless the college is mentioned. In general, it is best to assume that there will be classes unless a specific announcement is made that Norwalk Community College is closed. Please listen to one of the radio/TV stations listed.

Delay/cancellation information may also be obtained by calling NCC’s main number, 203.857.7000, and getting a recorded message. Students may check the NCC website or Facebook for updated information.

myCommNet Alert

What is myCommNet Alert? Norwalk Community College is proud to offer a new service for all NCC students, faculty and staff – myCommNet Alert. myCommNet is a notification system that delivers critical information to students, faculty and staff of the Connecticut Community Colleges in the event of an emergency. The system delivers emergency messages through text messaging over cellular phones. Enrollment is free and voluntary. For more information or to sign up, click here.