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We seek to recognize and celebrate the work of all of our students at Norwalk Community College, and the entries selected for this year’s edition of Passage represent the unique and diverse voices of our developmental student body.

The purpose of this magazine is twofold:  to showcase the writing of students taking Developmental English courses and to offer models for study and discussion in the classroom.

Adhering to the magazine’s purpose, which serves as the guide for the editing process, means that few editorial corrections are made to the original pieces aside from some basic standardization of spelling, capitalization, and general use of punctuation.  As a result, these submissions may appear less polished than others found in more traditional literary magazines; however, these submissions also closely maintain each writer’s voice within the essays and poems and preserves a more authentic experience for the reader.

During the spring semester, we present that year’s edition of Passage during the Norwalk Community College Academic Festival. At that time, we also announce one student entry that stands out for its unique perspective and ability to connect with its readers. These student writers are awarded The Editor’s Choice Award, which was started in 2013.

Editor’s Choice Awardees

2013:   Simona Levin “I Believe in Being a Jew”
2014:   Alexson Pierre-Louis “No One Should Be Left Out”
2015:   Matt Mirga “Cardboard and Plastic: A Family Keeper”


Submission Information

Submissions can be either poetry or prose! The only requirement is that students be enrolled in a developmental English course* or First-Year Experience class**. You may drop off printed copies of your submission in W209H or by email (Word documents only) at:

*ENG 088 (ENG 096 for Spring 2020 and later) or ENG 101W
**Students enrolled only in FS 101 or CF 100 may submit entries for the Student Survival Guides only.


Editor:             Dr. Forrest C. Helvie
Advisor:          Ms. Elaine Delvecchio


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