Fall 2020 New Student Orientation

Students entering NCC for the first time are REQUIRED to attend a New Student Orientation.

This year, due to Covid 19, Orientation will be completed online.

Students are required to complete online Orientation by Tuesday, August 11, 2020.

Welcome to NCC!

Online Orientation includes:

  • Essential information regarding your success at NCC
  • Important details to help familiarize yourself with campus resources
  • Opportunities to learn about meeting other incoming students and how to interact with current students, faculty and staff

Before completing online Orientation you must:

  1. Set up a Student Lingo account
  2. Be sure to carve out intentional time to dedicate to Orientation

Following the online Orientation completion date, NCC will host opportunities for students to speak to NCC faculty, staff and students, virtually. As well as attend short, virtual, workshops to learn more about our Campus Resources and College Community. Students are required to participate in this portion of Orientation as well.

Please email Student Activities  (SActivities@norwalk.edu) with any questions or concerns.

New Student Orientation