Program: Computer Specialized

Introduction to computer-based design using SolidWorks® parametric 3D CAD software. The course focuses on Parametric Modeling and topics include: Design Intent and Process, Sketching Techniques, Model Development Techniques, Process-Specific Modeling, Design Changes, Editing Models, Patterning and Assembly Techniques. Students will participate in mostly individual and some group design projects as appropriate.

This is an introductory course for people that have no experience in Computer Aided Drawing using AutoCAD software, and is of particular interest to Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Cabinet Makers, Landscape and Interior Designers. Students must be knowledgeable in basic computer use. Topics will include basic AutoCAD drawing commands, text creation, scale factors of drawing and … Continue reading “Introduction to AutoCAD”

Students will study Graphic Design as a component of visual language within historical context, identifying graphic arts within the history of art and articulating its aesthetic import and contributions to cultural development. Links between socio-political phenomena, the development of advertising and propaganda art, visual literacy, perception, type design and design practice will be examined. Course … Continue reading “History of Graphic Design*”

This course introduces students to a 3D parametric computer aided design platform where students gain operational and productivity knowledge using industry-common parametric software. Class meets Monday online, Wednesday on campus.

This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of architectural planning, design, and drawing production. Topics include: drawing layouts, floor plan development, elevation views, renderings, material specifications, and building code requirements.