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Friday, April 5, 2024


Friday, May 3, 2024

2nd Annual Veteran Cord & Stole Ceremony

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 10:00AM in CT State Norwalk's Campus - W105

The Veteran Cord & Stole Ceremony is created to honor our brave active military and Veteran students as well as those who are utilizing Veteran benefits. Through the presentation of cords and stoles, we express our profound gratitude and respect for their service, ensuring that their contributions are forever remembered and cherished. Join us in commemorating these heroes and celebrating their remarkable legacy.

If you are unable to attend in person, we will be hosting a live stream of the event. Please email Michele Nye at for details and link info. 

Who We Are

The Veterans Club is a CT State Norwalk affiliated club of like-minded students, whether a veteran or not, who strive for high academic achievement, giving back to the community, and broadening relations with military, veteran, and civilian affairs.

What We Do

The Veterans Club is dedicated to actively engaging in various community events to support and honor our military and veteran community. However, while our primary focus is serving our local military and veteran community, we also participate in any event that we believe can make a positive impact. Some of these notable events include Toys for Tots, Wreaths Across America, Fresh Check Day, and numerous initiatives in collaboration with Homes for the Brave.

How to Join

The Veterans Club encourages all students, part-time or full-time, to join our club. Whether you are active military, veteran, know a veteran, or interested in giving back to the veterans throughout our community, please reach out to Dr. Michele Nye if you are interested in joining.

Visit the Veterans Lounge

West Campus, Room W120 (Across from the cafeteria)

Accessing Veterans Club room

  • Show security your school ID to have club room opened
  • Lock door when last to leave veteran club room
  • Ask security for assistance if necessary for non-club members
  • Report room issues to Michele Nye, Veteran Club Advisor (, as well as to SGA (

Contact Us

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Club Advisor Michele Nye

We are currently looking for club officers, please email Michele Nye if interested.