FAQ for Students

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PASS?

Peer Academic Support Service (PASS) tutoring is a free, course specific, peer-facilitated group study session designed to not only help you learn the course material, but also how to become an independent learner. PASS tutors are dedicated to a course and its students throughout the semester. The PASS tutors attend class sessions and offer weekly 60-minute tutoring sessions based on topics of need. The sessions are grounded in active and collaborative learning, so it is engaging and fun!

Who is the PASS Tutor and what is their role?

All the PASS tutors are undergraduate students at NCC who have successfully completed the course to which they are assigned and have mastered the material! This ensures they are knowledgeable about the content, assignments, and expectations for students. Their role during the session is to facilitate group discussions, activities, and create a welcoming learning environment for everyone. Even though they have already completed the course, they continue to attend class, take notes, and communicate with the professor to be able to develop sessions tailored to where students are at in the course. PASS Tutors participate in ongoing trainings each semester where they learn new ways to create a welcoming, fun, and interactive learning environment.

Do I have to pay to attend?

PASS completely free for students enrolled at NCC!

How do I know if PASS is offered for my course?

If PASS is offered for your class, your professor will talk to you about session times, during the first week of class. In addition, the course offerings are listed on our website. You can click here to go to the course offerings to see all classes that have PASS.

How often are PASS sessions held?

PASS sessions are held multiple times per week. The sessions for each class are offered at the same days and times each week throughout the semester. The schedule changes each semester based on course scheduling and offerings. Contact your professor to see the schedule.

Who attends PASS Sessions?

PASS sessions are open to all students enrolled in the course, who are interested in improving their understanding of the course material. PASS is a place to share knowledge and tools to better understand the material.

Am I required to attend PASS?

PASS is completely voluntary and within the last year, we had virtual visits from our NCC students who are eager to gain a better understanding of the course material and acquire valuable study skills that will help them in their current and future courses!