Effective Use of Tutoring Services


Visit the Tutoring Services Center as soon as you run into difficulties, even if it’s the first day of class! The sooner you tackle a problem, the easier it is to solve.

Get Started

  • Register and sign-in at the Welcome Desk computer station.
  • Check the posted tutoring schedules or pick up a copy of the requested schedule at the Tutoring Services Center Welcome Desk.
  • Come for subject tutoring at any of the scheduled times. No appointment is needed. Come as often as you like.
  • Make an appointment ahead of time for the Writing Center; the appointment book is on the Tutoring Services Center Welcome Desk.
  • Sign in and out each time you come for tutoring.
  • Questions? Need tutoring in other areas? See the Tutoring Center Coordinator, or call 203.857.7205


  • Attend class.
  • Sit in the front of the classroom.
  • Listen carefully in class.
  • Take notes in class.
  • Copy everything the instructor writes on the board.
  • Try the work on your own before each tutoring session.
  • Try to identify some of your problem areas; then the tutor will know where you need help.
  • Have some questions ready.

Bring With You:

  • Textbooks
  • Syllabus, handouts
  • Class Notes
  • Homework and tests
  • Previous Assignments
  • The writing assignment from your professor
  • Work completed so far
  • Pencils, Calculator, Other materials


  • Tutoring is to help you do your work. Please come prepared to work.
  • Tutors will ask questions to help you think through problems; they will not do thework for you.
  • Tutors are not teachers. They can supplement classroom instruction, but theycannot teach new material when you have missed class.
  • Tutors will explain things in other ways if you tell them you do not understand.
  • Tutors may not help with take home exams.


  • Tutoring may be done in a group. Everyone is responsible for asking and answering questions. Students often help one another by sharing methods and ideas.
  • Some times will be busier than others. Plan your visits accordingly.
  • Tutors may be busy and not able to help you immediately when you wait until thelast minute before class to come to the Tutoring Services Center for help.