Academic Adjustments

How to Request Academic Adjustments

Step 1: Complete SAS Application

Academic Adjustments cannot be provided until an “Letter of Academic Adjustment” has been received by both the Instructor and Student.  First, a student must have completed the Application Procedure.  The completion of that procedure concludes when the Coordinator and the student in collaboration have determined what academic adjustment(s) are needed.

Step 2: Submit a "Semester Request" Every Semester.

We must rely on the student to submit a “Semester Request” every semester when you need an academic adjustment.  The “Semester Request” informs the SAS Coordinator that you have registered for new courses and the academic adjustments you need for each course.  Then the Coordinator sends the official “Letter of Academic Adjustment ” to  your new Instructors.  This is how new Instructors are informed of your academic adjustments and the Instructors can consider how they will provide them.

Step 3: Renew Your Academic Adjustment Online

Every semester after you register for classes, submit your “Semester Request” so your official “Letters of Academic Adjustment” are emailed to your new Instructors.  Log on to the “ACCOMMODATE” portal through the link below.  This will require your NetID.
Select the “Academic Adjustment” tab.
Select the “Semester Request” tab.

First time renewing an academic adjustment?
Click here for a “screen-shot” guide on how to submit a request online.

Step 4: Check NCC Email Daily

A.  Check your NCC Email until you receive a copy of the “Semester Request Review Decision” letter.

If you miss the “Semester Request Review Decision” Email:
Log into the “ACCOMMODATE” portal .
Select the “Academic Adjustment” tab.
Select the “Accessibility Letters” tab.
Locate and open the “Semester Request Review Decision.

B.  Review the adjustments for accuracy and any messages from the Coordinator.

Email SAS if there are errors or any messages from the Coordinator.

C.  Read the instructions at the bottom of the letter, for next steps.

Step 5: Review and Plan the Adjustments with each Instructor

A. Check your NCC Email for copies of the “Letter of Academic Adjustment” to your Instructors.

If you missed the Emails with the “Letters of Academic Adjustment ” you can also:
Log into the “ACCOMMODATE” portal
Select the “Academic Adjustment” tab.
Select the “Accessibility Letters” tab.
Locate and open the “Letters of Academic Adjustments” to each Instructor. 

B. Review the academic adjustments, Instructors’ names, and courses, for accuracy.

C. Email SAS immediately if there are any errors.

D.  Email each instructor using your NCC email ( preferably before the 1st day of class.

Introduce yourself.
Identify the CRN # and name of course you are registered for.
Tell the instructor the date your adjustment letter was sent via email.
Ask the instructor. “How can I arrange to get _____(adjustments) in your class?”

Step 6: If You Need Assistance contact SAS

Contact SAS at or call 203-857-7192.

  1. If the instructor has difficulty making arrangements for your adjustments.
  2. If you need an additional adjustment.
  3. If you need assistance with Assistive Technology or Alternate Location Testing.

* Best Practice:  The demand for “Academic Adjustment Official Letters” becomes very high as the semester approaches.  Continuing SAS students  should submit the “Semester Request” for academic adjustments by using the “ACCOMMODATE” portal when you register for courses or at the latest three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.  Appointments (if needed) with the Coordinator can be scheduled using the “ACCOMMODATE” portal by selecting the “Appointment” tab.