PAW Checklist

Step 1. Set up your student portal

  Log into your myCTState with your NetID and password. 

NetID: Your NetID is your Banner Student ID number followed by  

Example NetID:   

Password: Your initial password is made up of the following personal information:   

  1. The first 3 letters of your birth month (first letter must be capitalized) 
  2. The & symbol  
  3. The last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)  

Example: Sep&1234 

Once you enter the initial password you will be prompted to create your own password.   

NOTE: If you do not have a SSN or if you are having difficulty logging in, you must contact the IT Help Desk ( 860.723.0221 | Online Chat ) for a temporary password.  

Step 2. Set up your CT State student email

*You must set up your student portal (step 1) before completing this task*

You can access your student email by going to and logging in with your CT State NetID and password. Once you are in, click on Outlook to view your student email account. Please check your email daily as this is how the various CT State departments will be contacting you. You can also access your student email account on your myCTState student portal homepage.     

Step 3. Microsoft Teams

*You must set up your student portal (step 1) before completing this task* 

Virtual Advising will take place via Microsoft Teams. Teams will require your NetID and password. Please download and install the app. Before your scheduled PAW session, your PAW advisor will send you a meeting invitation on Teams. Your PAW advisor will contact you at your scheduled PAW Workshop date and time detailed above. Please be on time.  

Step 4. Payment

a. Students receiving Financial Aid   

 If you completed your 2023-2024 FAFSA application and you do NOT need to make a deposit.  If you are unsure about your financial aid status you can contact the Financial Aid office at or 203.857.7023. You can also log into your myCTState account to view your financial aid eligibility. 

b. Students not receiving Financial Aid  

Fall 2023 tuition and fee charges, payment plan enrollment, online payments and schedule bill statements will NOT be available until July 5.  

c. Pledge to Advance Connecticut (PACT) Program  

Students who complete a 2023-2024 FAFSA application, register as a full-time student, and meet the PACT eligibility requirements by July 15th 2023, for priority consideration, will be automatically considered for the PACT Program. Visit the PACT website to learn more.   

If your PAW Workshop is cancelled for any reason, you will be contacted by one of the PAW coordinators on follow up steps. We will also contact you if you are missing any items needed for registration.

We look forward to seeing you at PAW. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at