Training + Programming

Student Training

Consent Training

This training will provide students with laws and case studies about sexual assault and outlines what consent looks and sounds like. Students will gain an understanding of why sexual violence occurs, what do to when sexual assault takes place, and how to access community resources.

This training is presented by The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis and Education

“Where do You Stand?” Campaign

Have you ever witnessed abuse and wondered how you should intervene? If you should intervene? Have you overheard disrespectful jokes and wondered what you should say? If you should say something at all? Does it really matter? Can I even make a difference?

WHERE DO YOU STAND? positively portrays young men as vital allies and invites all men to consider their own stance on men preventing sexism and sexual assault. This state-wide initiative has been launched in Lower Fairfield County by The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education. It focuses on engaging Connecticut men in being active in preventing sexual violence in their communities. Its Men of Strength Training Program is designed to equip men with the tools necessary to take a stand against all forms of sexual violence. Men of Strength empowers men to use their voice, influence, and actions to become a part of the solution, rather than being part of the problem.

This training is presented by The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis and Education

Cultural Competency Training

The cultural competency training is provided to Freshman Seminar students, and is presented by Cheryl DeVonish, Special Counsel & Compliance Officer. The training is intended to help students develop attitudes, behaviors, and practices that would enable them to interact and work effectively with other students from different cultural backgrounds.

Staff & Faculty Training

Diversity & Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

All Connecticut State employees are required to attend Preventing Sexual Harassment & Diversity Training. CT General Statute 46a-54-204 and Public Act No. 99-180 requires a minimum of two (2) hours of sexual harassment training and three (3) hours of diversity training. Additionally, it is recommended that employees previously trained, receive a “refresher” training every three years.

Room28 ComedyOctober 3, 2017     (3:00pm   PepsiCo Theater)

Join us and help welcome Room28, a Latino sketch comedy group based out of NYC, as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2017!

Room28 is a collective of diverse actors and comedians who are committed to sharing the Latino experience and live to entertain. Inspired by “el cuarto veinte y ocho,” an insane asylum in the Dominican Republic, Room28 brings you a unique blend of culturally relevant laughs and millennial realness. For more info, visit

This event is Free and Open to the public.


The Traveling Postcards Healing Arts WorkshopOctober 10, 2017  (10:00am  Room E215)

Workshop in which students have the opportunity to create unique, handmade art postcards containing words of compassion and solidarity, which are hand delivered around the world, bringing awareness and voice to women and girls whose lives have suffered from isolation, violence or repression.


Sugar Skull Mask Decorating–October 12, 2017    (11:30am  Room E215)

Come join us and decorate a sugar skull mask in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, and learn about the Mexican tradition of sugar skulls and the Day of The Dead /”Dia de los Muertos” celebrations! Supplies are provided, but they are limited, so come early to grab your spot!!


Italian American HeritageOctober 23, 2017     (10:30am         Room E215)

Event in honor of Italian American Heritage Month.


“Queer Talks“–October 23, 2017  (Session 1: 11:00am / Session 2: 2:00pm        Culinary Arts Dining Room W127)

In honor of LGBTQ Month, join us for a discussion on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, LGBTQ Terminology & More. Feel free to attend any of the two scheduled sessions.



“Dia de los Muertos” Celebration (Day of the Day)November 1, 2017    ( 10:30am    Room E215)


History of the Eastern Pequot Tribal NationNovember 16, 2017     (11:00am     Room E215)