Office of Special Advisor

Under the leadership of Special Advisor, The Office of Institutional Compliance is responsible for providing College administrators and staff, counsel and support in achieving compliance with a variety of CSCU policies, state and federal regulations.

The Office also serves as a resource for administrators and staff on a broad range of complex student issues, agreements, and labor and employment matters. In addition, the office is also responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of vital College-wide initiatives including:

As a strategic advisor to the President’s Office, NCC’s Special Advisor also oversees the College’s Public Relations & Marketing Office, serves as a liaison between the College and CSCU Counsel’s office, and is the point of contact for all government inquiries/investigations


Public Records Program


As a state institution, Norwalk Community College is governed by the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), which allows certain information to be provided to anyone who asks, including members of the public and the news media. However, as an institution of higher education, the college is also governed by federal and state laws that limit the type of information that can be divulged about students and employees. Additional information on FERPA.

Any requests made pursuant to the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act should be made in writing, and forwarded to:

Cheryl De Vonish, Esq.
188 Richards Avenue
Room 315
Norwalk, CT

Office Staff

  • Cheryl De Vonish, Esq., Chief Operating Officer
  • Stefanie Ortiz, Secretary