Winter Session Enrollment Soars

Enrollment in NCC’s Winter Session was the highest ever; rising 31% over last year.

This intensive program offers students the opportunity to earn up to six credits in only three weeks. A total of 340 students enrolled for Winter 2018-2019.

Student Fabiola Tassey said she didn’t relish getting up early to take a Winter Session course in Statistics, but felt the promise of earning credits quickly was worth the pain.

“I’m doing Winter Session to finish NCC faster,” said Tassey, a Physical Therapist Assistant major from Norwalk.

This year’s Winter Session began the day after Christmas and ended January 15. Two dozen regular and online courses were offered, from Sociology and Software Applications to Western Civilization and College Algebra. Courses covered the same curriculum as a 15-week course (tests and all), but in a fraction of the time.

Students came from both NCC and four-year colleges and universities. Some wanted to fulfill a major or elective requirement to graduate faster; others sought to earn extra credits or re-take a course to get a better grade. Because NCC credits are transferable, students from other colleges transfer their credits back to their home institution.

Cornell University student Drew Speckman took two Winter Session courses. “I find it be an incredibly efficient—from both economic and time perspectives—use of a Winter break or lull in the work season,” he said. “To me, being able to earn three or more credits in three weeks is as ingenious as the concept of compound interest.”


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