The Practice of Democracy: A View From Connecticut

The Practice of Democracy: A View From Connecticut examines how justice, equality and power appear in our built environment – our cities and neighborhoods, the places we call home. A View From Connecticut is a site-specific immersion of The Practice of Democracy, an interactive exhibit created in partnership with Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, The Housing Collective, and Regional Plan Association, that explores how – and for whom – Connecticut’s communities were designed. The exhibit was on display first in Bridgeport, then in New Haven and now, finally, in Norwalk.

The exhibit will be on display in the East Campus Art Gallery from April 24 to June 2. The exhibit will also hold a supplemental display in the Everett I.L. Baker Library which will house a display on Norwalk history, African American authors, and social justice resources.

An opening reception will be held on April 26 from 5-7pm in the East Campus Atrium.