The Golden Rule Visits Norwalk

Student Essay Contest!
Norwalk students from grades 9-12 and college level can participate in an essay contest to commemorate the arrival of “The Golden Rule”. The Golden Rule is a boat owned and operated by Veterans for Peace and is making an 11,000 mile journey around the country to warn people about the dangers of nuclear weapons and nuclear war. The boat will be docked in
Norwalk from May 29th till June 2nd. Winning essays will be published on the World Beyond War and Veterans for Peace websites. The prize for the winning essay in each category (High School and College) is $250!


The Essay should address one or more of these topics:

  • Is a world without nuclear weapons possible?”
  • “Do you think the world would be safer without nuclear
    weapons?” “Some look at nuclear weapons as an insurance
    policy to prevent aggression. What do you think?”
  • Was the treaty for the prohibition of nuclear weapons
    established by the UN in 2017 (currently 92 signatories) an
    important development? Why or why not?
  • How would you try to convince a nuclear armed country to sign
    that treaty or move further toward disarmament?
  • What are the most convincing arguments to persuade countries
    with nuclear arsenals to decrease them?
  • Do you think Mayors for Peace can play a prominent role in
    changing the civil debate on nuclear weapons?
  • Do you think the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty can play an
    important role in decreasing the use of nuclear weapons in
    future or current wars?

Compose an original essay of 400-800 words. Send essays to by midnight, May 19, 2023. Essay contest winners will be announced on May 30,


Include a title at the top of the paper. Append a separate page for works cited. Post a word count below the conclusion, exclusive of title and citations. Send as a PDF. Include your name, phone number, email, school, and grade.

Papers will be judged by representatives of World Beyond War and the Wilton Meeting House. One essay winner will be selected for grades 9-12 entrants and one for college level entrants.