“Students First” Forum for Students on November 8

Recently, Connecticut Colleges and Universities (CSCU) President Mark Ojakian announced some changes to our CSCU system. The most impactful change will be the consolidation of the 12 community colleges into one centrally managed college. This is the next step in the “Students First” plan announced back in April.

Since many students have questions and concerns about how the changes will affect them, President Ojakian will host a Town Hall forum exclusively for students on Wednesday, November 8 from 11 to 12:30 p.m. Each college will screen the event on its campus via WebEx technology. At NCC, you can watch it live in the East Campus PepsiCo Theater. Students will be able to ask President Ojakian questions through a facilitator-assisted chat function.

The entire forum will be recorded and posted on the CSCU website for future use. Additionally, students can submit questions in advance  to cscu-president@ct.edu or complete the survey at www.ct.edu/studentsfirst before November 20.

The session will also be available through Facebook Live so you can also watch from your computer or mobile device both live and after the session.

For a copy of the “Students First” plan, go to http://www.ct.edu/studentsfirst