myPATH Ribbon-Cutting on Oct.10

Norwalk Community College will hold a ribbon-cutting to announce myPATH, a new student success initiative, at 12:15 p.m. Thursday, October 10 in the West Main Street hallway of the West Campus building.

myPATH is a grounding framework for a student’s journey at Norwalk Community College. It supports students to grow, persist, graduate and achieve their goals.

It is called “my” PATH because NCC provides students with the resources necessary to support their own unique path to realize their dreams and aspirations. Students are encouraged to become the “owners of their own vision and agents for their own success.” The PATH stands for:

(P) PLAN AHEAD for their academic, career, and financial success.                     Students connect with advisors, explore major & career interests, evaluate transfer opportunities, and learn about financial options.

(A) ACCESS RESOURCES to strengthen their academic and leadership skills. Students learn with their peers, join student clubs, connect to campus services, and are called to be active in their education.

(T) THINK CRITICALLY about their community at NCC and beyond                NCC asks students to reflect on their experiences, connect with people from different backgrounds, build their support network, and always consider the source of their information.

(H) HEAD OUT confidently on their path to success. As they work toward their goals, students commit to their own success, create their future, inspire others to make a difference and stay connected.

This initiative is funded by a grant from the Title V Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

myPATH brings visual cohesion to the offices on West Main Street by bringing services to life on the walls for students and campus community members. Beyond West Main Street, myPATH lays out a grounding framework for students’ journeys at NCC by setting out a plan of action for students to follow as they pursue their educational and career goals.

For more information, contact Title V Coordinator Rachael DiPietro at