Registration Starts April 1st

This is no April Fool’s Joke- we know things feel a little uncertain and overwhelming right now- but we want to help you stay on track to meeting your goals. Registration for the Fall 2020 semester starts Wednesday, April 1st.

Steps to registering:

  1. Check your DegreeWorks in myCommNet to see what classes you still need.
  2. Touch base with your advisor:
    1. Are you in a specific program- contact your Program Advisor
    2. First Year Students- email either or
    3. Continuing Students- connect with the Academic Counseling Center
    4. ESL Students
  1. View our course schedule HERE to check out all our offerings.
  2. Register online (instructions HERE).

For more helpful information to guide you in this process visit the registration information page.

Contact the Financial Aid Office for information regarding available aid.